The ethos and ambitions of Brendoncare Clubs

As we get older, relationships with long standing friends and family can fade. Older people can feel lonely, isolated and excluded from their community. The population is ageing and therefore there is an increasing need for services that support socially isolated older people to remain in the community and retain their independence for as long as possible.

Brendoncare Clubs is a community service dedicated to enriching the quality of life of older people. These friendly and usually relatively small clubs enable us to respond to local needs and provide a relaxed place for older people to meet regularly, enjoy spending time together and take part in a wide range of activities. The clubs teach members new skills, and are a vital source of information on social services, security, welfare and elderly abuse, exercise and healthy eating. We believe that older people live happier and more fulfilled lives if they are able to enjoy the companionship of like-minded people, stay physically and mentally active, and mix with friends.

The Brendoncare Clubs division counteracts social isolation and helps older people remain in the community and be independent for as long as possible. Our SROI report proves their value, showing that for every £1 invested in Brendoncare Clubs, £1.40 is saved to society at large. Click here to download the report.

Brendoncare is committed to promoting the wellbeing of older people across the south by providing a range of services which are flexible enough to meet their individual needs, enable them to maintain their independence, feel more fulfilled and to improve their quality of life. Our clubs are uniquely placed to respond to local needs.

If you would like more information about Brendoncare Clubs, please telephone Edwin Ingleton on 01962 852133 or email by clicking here.