A Day in the Life of a Wellbeing Coordinator

Written by: Alison Reijman Published: November 6, 2023

Brendoncare’s dedicated team of wellbeing coordinators can honestly say that no two days are ever the same.

Betty with Brendoncare Stildon resident Ted on a recent trip to London.

Their roles focus every day on coordinating events and activities to promote and stimulate the wellbeing of the residents.

One of our wonderful team is Betty, a wellbeing coordinator at Brendoncare Stildon in East Grinstead.

In this blog, Betty, pictured here with resident Ted on a recent trip to London, tells us more about the many tasks she undertakes. This includes appearing on her local radio station – but more about that later!

Here is Betty’s day.

“First thing each day, I check on the wellbeing of residents, ensuring they are comfortable and where necessary, address their immediate needs.

“Activity planning for the residents plays a big part in my role so I organise daily activities which always take into consideration their preferences and needs.

“This also involves events coordination. For example, we recently arranged a visit for our residents to Lingfield Park racecourse, and now I am now very busy organising our Christmas Fair on Saturday 18th November.

“I also devote time to finding local people to come in to talk to or entertain the residents. We have regular visits from the volunteers at East Grinstead Museum who bring in objects and talk about the town’s history. The residents love learning more about our lovely town.

“One on one time is also very important, enabling me to spend time with individual residents, listening to their concerns, sharing stories, hopefully making them smile and giving them comfort. This is especially important if they need some emotional support and companionship during a challenging time.


“Families are also crucial to the wellbeing of residents and their daily lives at Brendoncare Stildon. I coordinator and invite families to take part in our activities, fostering a sense of community.

“Music therapy is one of the most stimulating ways of connecting with residents to create enjoyable experiences. One of our most popular visitors Kiddleydivey incorporates music and movement. This really helps them with their mental and physical wellbeing as well as making special memories.

“I work closely with other staff members such as registered nurses and therapists to ensure we address residents’ holistic well-being. I also keep accurate records of our residents’ progress, together with any concerns or special requests they may have.

“At the end of the day, I review all the events, make notes for the next day and above all, ensure all the residents are settled and content.


“We want everyone to know about all the amazing things that happen at Brendoncare Stildon so I post photographs and stories about our activities on our Facebook page. Also, I have appeared three times on 107 Meridian FM, one of our local East Grinstead radio stations, to talk about our special events and promote Brendoncare.

“I also work closely with our volunteers and talk to people in the community so they are all aware of what life in a care home is really like and how we all have lots of fun on a daily basis.”

  • You can hear Betty on 107 Meridian FM on Tuesday (7th November) at 1:10pm on Tim Graham’s show, “Good Afternoon with Tim” and again on Sunday (12th November) at 10am on his Sunday review show.