Brendoncare dares you to join other courageous individuals in braving the coals in our Firewalk this

Local charity, Brendoncare Stildon, is hosting a Firewalk at their care home on Saturday 17th November. Naomi Butcher, Home Manager, is taking on the challenge and raising money for Brendoncare Stildon, along with other participants who are stepping out of their comfort zone.

Naomi said “I did a Firewalk in memory of my husband last year; I was nervous about doing it. However, once I had completed it, I had a real sense of achievement and felt elated. I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was wonderful to be able to raise funds for the home I work at. I would say to anyone to take on this challenge as it really was amazing…they were really hot coals!”

Brendoncare Stildon is fundraising for a new project, the café. This will ensure that older people have a vibrant and exciting social life despite ill health and old age. For many, it will be an excellent way to reminisce and live an ordinary life, rather than an isolated one, confined in their rooms. It gives the residents the perfect opportunity to get out of their rooms and socialise, connecting friends and family.

Karen Higgins from Grant Thornton UK took part in the charity’s Firewalk last year and said “Nowadays, there are many organised charitable events to keep things interesting, offering a variety of opportunities and activities. One of these was the walk over hot coals for Brendoncare – for me, this was not a physical challenge but more a mental one.  It was all around having a positive mental attitude and what I took away from this was that I can achieve anything as long as I have the right mindset”.

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