Ensuring staff meet the highest standards of care

Brendoncare is delighted to announce a new partnership with Cognisco, who help organisations to maximise the potential of their staff, while managing and mitigating risk caused by lack of knowledge or confidence.

Cognisco’s Dementia*Care assessment helps to improve the competence, capability and confidence of carers, in line with the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) regulatory standards. It was developed two years ago in partnership with care home operator Belong and is an online tool which shows the knowledge and confidence of care staff in all aspects of their role while caring for people living with dementia. This information can then be used to provide targeted training to address knowledge gaps and to demonstrate that staff are meeting the highest standards of care and safeguarding.

Delivered through Cognisco’s innovative technology platform my*KNOW, the Dementia*Care assessment uses questions based on situations to test a carer’s knowledge on nine different subjects including residents’ health and “lived” experience, their understanding of dementia and care strategies, and how to deliver person-centred care. Brendoncare will roll out the assessment in two phases. The first phase will ensure carers meet the required standards in supporting people living with dementia. Phase two will focus on improving their knowledge and confidence about infection control and safeguarding.

Since rolling out the assessment two years ago, care home operator Belong has seen a positive change in the attitude of staff and a marked improvement in the area of person-centred care. It reports that staff are more confident and better equipped to provide care and support for people who may display behaviours which others find challenging or complex.

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