We’ve gone kurling crazy!

We’ve gone kurling crazy!

Do you fancy trying out something new? Indoor kurling is a fun and friendly game. Based on the Olympic sport of ice curling, it can be played indoors on a smooth surface and has been designed to enable everyone to play.

We now offer 13 kurling clubs across Dorset and Hampshire. These include Colehill, near Wimborne, and Strouden Park in Bournemouth, as well as Hillside and Wymering in Portsmouth and Hook in North Hampshire.

Each of the clubs offers a warm welcome, the chance to try a new activity and meet new friends. The games can get quite competitive, but are always played with a sense of fun – and the opportunity to discuss tactics over tea!

To find out where our kurling clubs are located, please click here.

For more information, please contact us on 01962 857099 for Hampshire clubs or 01202 722211 for Dorset clubs.

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