Shared Care: Otterbourne Hill

Shared Care at Otterbourne Hill will be a pioneering dementia service, unique in the UK, that enables couples to stay together and receive full care and support, as and when it is needed, throughout their journey with dementia.

Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill (Exterior)

Shared Care: Otterbourne Hill

Shared Care is a ground-breaking project that will improve the lives of people with dementia and their families offering a full range of integrated, personalised and flexible dementia care and services.

It will be the first service in the UK to support those with dementia and their carers to live meaningful, independent and fulfilled lives, from diagnosis for as long as is needed, minimising anxiety and upheaval for families as they cope with this devastating disease.

The development combines three key elements:

  • One and two bedroom apartments to enable couples to live together in their own home with care and respite available 24 hours a day.
  • A dementia-friendly community hub providing a creative, dynamic and friendly space at the heart of the centre. Activities, support and social events will be available to residents and to families in the wider community living with dementia.
  • A 64 bedroom care home will offer specialist person-centred nursing care including end of life care removing the need for residents to travel offsite.

Shared Care at Otterbourne Hill will be built to Stirling gold dementia standards with best practice dementia design integral to the scheme, including particular attention to lighting and colour.

To find out more information about Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill:

Please email us or phone Claire Boyd-Leslie on 01962 857489.

Why is Shared Care needed?

In the UK alone, over 850,000 people are living with dementia. The health sector is struggling to cope with the demand for care and currently relies on 670,000 unpaid carers caring for their loved ones at home.

Dementia is a progressive disease and for many the option of living at home becomes impossible. For couples a move to residential care for the person with dementia results in a devastating separation.

Currently there are no options in the UK that enable couples to stay in one place from diagnosis through to end of life care supporting both those with dementia and their carer. The lack of options for people living with dementia is now a national crisis and new and innovative care developments are needed to address this gap.

The Prime Minister’s 2020 Dementia Challenge report in 2015 highlighted key weaknesses in the UK’s landscape of dementia care. The report states that the country needs:

greater personalisation in the provision of post-diagnosis services – building support around the individual with dementia, their carer and family, and providing them with more choice, control and flexibility in the way they receive care and support.’

We are leading the way in the sector. Brendoncare believes that Shared Care will offer hope to couples facing dementia as both a life-changing alternative to the separation and uncertainty experienced by so many and the gateway to a new vision for dementia care in this country.

To find out more information about Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill:

Please email us or phone Claire Boyd-Leslie on 01962 857489.


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To find out more information about Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill:

Please email us or phone Claire Boyd-Leslie on 01962 857489.

How you can help

Work started on site in October 2016, with the project due to be completed in summer 2018.

Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill will cost £14.4 million to build, of which £10.4 million has been raised as bank loans, with a further £2 million to come from the sale of seven apartments. The remaining thirteen apartments and community hub will cost £2 million to build for which we need your help.

Thank you so much for your support.

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To find out how you could be part of this pioneering project:

Please email us or phone Victoria Smith on 01962 852133.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of the site?

The site is at the top of Otterbourne Hill, close to Penarth House and the Yellow Dot day nursery.

How big is the Otterbourne Hill site?

2.3 hectares.

How long will construction of the building last?

We expect that the facilities will take around 18 months to build. We started building in October 2016, with the first residents moving in in summer 2018.

Where will access to the site be?

The operational access to the site will be through Penarth House and is shared with the day nursery. All construction vehicles will use a separate access further down off the main road.

Will the public still be able to access the woodland?

Yes. The public will have full access to the woodland. Safety on site during the build stage is of paramount importance, so during this time there may be occasional restrictions to the open land.

How many parking spaces will there be on the site?

The number of car parking spaces on site is 63. This figure has been carefully calculated based on the number of people living, working and visiting the site.

How accessible is the site by public transport?

Bus services regularly run from Otterbourne to Winchester and Southampton. There is a bus stop on Otterbourne Hill. We will also have cycle storage racks on the site.

Will the building be environmentally-friendly?

The scheme is going to be BREEAM Excellent, which is the highest level of sustainability for a commercial building. BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised measures of a building’s environmental performance.

There will be solar panels and Combined Heating Power along with a multitude of other ‘green’ features, including materials, waste and recycling, energy saving measurement and natural ventilation.

How many people will the site house?

The care home will be able to support 64 people and there will be 20 one- or two-bedroom apartments on the site as well.

Why do you need to build such a big building?

Currently 850,000 people in the UK are living with dementia. By 2025 the number is expected to rise to over one million and by 2050 it is projected to exceed 2 million. There is no cure. The need for comprehensive, specialist dementia care has never been more urgent.

The role of the carer is fundamental to the wellbeing of those with dementia. Right now, 650,000 people in the UK care for a loved one with dementia at home providing immense emotional, practical and psychological support and enabling their loved one to feel valued, maintaining their independence and self-worth. The role of a carer is exhausting and demanding whilst the support available to carers is minimal resulting in loneliness, stress and depression as they struggle to cope with the challenges of dementia. Many carers are themselves elderly and coping with their own health problems whilst trying to do their best for their partner. A solution that supports carers through these challenging years is vital.

The Brendoncare Foundation is committed to addressing the difficulties faced by people living with dementia and in particular overcoming the terrible pain of separation so many couples experience as the needs of those with dementia necessitates more specialist care.

The building at Otterbourne Hill has been designed to be sympathetic to the local environment and in a way that will not appear large or imposing to the viewer. There is also considerable green and open space as an integral part of the scheme.

What access to green and open space will be available for people living on the first floor?

All lounges will have balconies and every flat will have a terrace or a garden. There will also be a balcony on the first floor of the resource hub overlooking the bowling green.

Why are you not building on the other land owned by Brendoncare in Otterbourne.

Our priority is to deliver a full service for people living with dementia. The Captain Barnard site is not suitable for this type of development.

Will you be closing your other home at Otterbourne and what will happen to the residents?

The bungalows and apartments at Brendoncare The Old Parsonage Court will remain along with all of the housing with care services currently provided to the people living there.  The care home at Brendoncare The Old Parsonage will close once the new home at Otterbourne Hill is complete. We will support residents and relatives in the move to the new home. We are currently exploring options to redevelop the existing care home at The Old Parsonage.

Not all the people who will move from The Old Parsonage will have dementia. How suitable will Otterbourne Hill be for those without dementia

The care home is designed as individual households and services will be varied according to the needs of the people who live there. Our initial plan is to have two households for dementia care and two households for nursing care.

Will the scheme create new jobs for local people?

Definitely. We anticipate that we will need up to 100 members of staff. These will include our current staff at The Old Parsonage, who we expect will transfer across to Otterbourne Hill.

Will the apartments be sold or rented?

We plan to offer apartments for rent or sale, to suit the needs of the individuals who would like to live at Otterbourne Hill. We are planning that several of the apartments will be available for rent, so that families are not forced to sell their family home urgently at a very difficult time for them. All of the apartments will be supported by our staff team at Otterbourne Hill for dementia, personal and nursing care needs.

How will the safety and security of residents be maintained?

The care home and apartments will only be accessible for those people who live there and their visitors. There will also be safe garden and outdoor spaces for residents.

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