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The Brendoncare Philosophy

Brendoncare exists to improve the quality of life for older people, through the provision of care home and clubs, offering support that is built on relationships and responds to the needs, aspirations and choices of each individual.

The Brendoncare Philosophy

  • to live secure in the knowledge that, even in the event of illness, they will never have to move from the comfort of their friends or familiar surroundings to receive the care they need
  • to enjoy life among kindred spirits in an atmosphere of kindness and understanding
  • to be cared for with dignity and respect by people who appreciate their need for privacy, individuality and freedom of choice
  • to control their lives as much as possible.

Key Values: delivering the mission

  • These key values demonstrate how Brendoncare will deliver its mission and philosophy:
    Continue to operate Brendoncare’s services charitably by providing care for life, running Brendoncare Clubs and developing new care homes
  • Be innovative with caring solutions for older people which allow choice and fulfilment, encourage independence, preserve dignity and maximise the potential of individuals
  • Provide financial support, as funds permit, to enable individuals to access all care offered by Brendoncare
  • Treat every person who receives our care services as an individual
  • Take an holistic approach by caring for the whole person and aiming to meet their physical, mental and social needs
  • Provide care wherever possible at the place of choice of older people, delivered in ways that enable them to remain engaged with their community, never having to move to receive the care they need
  • Pursue excellence in all that we do through continuous development of staff and volunteers
  • Value our staff by rewarding them well and treating them fairly, striving to empower them and support them to develop professionally and personally to their full potential
  • Value our volunteers who add an extra dimension of quality to our care, actively involving them in all that we do and acknowledging their significant contribution.