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Our Vision & Values

Our Mission Statement is: Brendoncare exists to improve the quality of life for older people, through the provision of care homes, housing with care and clubs, offering support that is built on relationships and responds to the needs, aspirations and choices of each individual.


As a registered charity, all our resources are used for the benefit of those we exist to serve. We do not pay profits to shareholders and any surpluses are invested back into improving services and delivering our ‘Care for Life’ promise. Our bottom line is care.

Our ‘Care for Life’ promise means that no-one will have to leave their Brendoncare home if their financial situation changes. We support around 20% of our residents in this way.

Brendoncare Clubs is entirely charitable and supports those who are vulnerable and lonely in our local communities. Our fundraising ensures that the clubs are available for all those who need them and our access fund supports those who need extra help to be part of their local club.

Choice and Variety

The people living in our care homes make choices about their daily lives. From deciding which activities they would like to get involved in – or spending time quietly with their own interests – to special requests to the chef for meals, residents are in control of decisions around their own lives. Our activities coordinators design activity sessions around personal interests and our homes are often filled with the sounds of singing, enjoy visits from their local school or mobile farm.

Our clubs are designed around choice and variety. Every Brendoncare club has its own unique personality, which has developed because of the choices of its members and volunteers, reflecting the local community and their interests. Singing, kurling, arts and crafts groups or pub clubs, there is a Brendoncare club for everyone and we are continually looking to expand the types of clubs on offer.


Brendoncare clubs are run by a team of amazing volunteers who lead the activities, serve the refreshments and make sure every one of our members leaves the club with a smile on their face.

Each Brendoncare home enjoys the support of dedicated volunteers who offer their time and skills for the benefit of the residents. From running shops, spending time with individuals or helping in the garden, our volunteers help to make our homes truly great places to be.

Brendoncare is proud to hold the Investing in Volunteers award.


At the heart of all we do is kindness. We pride ourselves on valuing each individual with an understanding of what makes each person unique. 

Our services are responsive and compassionate, and nothing is more important to us than what matters to our club members and residents.

Family and Home

From the smallest to the largest of our sites, we never forget this is your home. Wherever possible, people can choose to play a part in key decisions about the running of their home, such as involvement in interviewing for new staff or taking part in fire safety drills and training, as well as participating in planning menus and activities.

Residents are welcome to furnish their own rooms with their own furniture and belongings, bringing familiarity and comfort to their new home.

Friendship and Community

Friendship is at the heart of a Brendoncare club. Our clubs provide opportunities for fun, activities and meeting friends both old and new. With a warm welcome and an inclusive approach, our clubs help to create a sense of belonging and connection between people who may not otherwise have the opportunity for social interaction with others.

For residents living in our close care properties, the onsite facilities provide opportunities to socialise and participate in the Brendoncare community.


Care, dignity and respect are at the heart of everything we do. Care is tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

The continuity of support provided by our many long-serving staff means that we get to know each resident’s preferences and needs.