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A summer of sport for the Brendoncare Games

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Brendoncare celebrates a summer of sport with a unique inter-homes tournament designed to improve wellbeing, encourage exercise and stimulate the mind amongst our residents and staff.

The Brendoncare Games are happening this summer across all of our homes between July 23rd and August 6th. This fun, inclusive series of activities is designed to keep residents and staff active throughout the fortnight.

How the Brendoncare Games Works

During a two-week period, our homes will compete as random countries in a bid to be crowned the overall winner!

An authentic Olympic torch has been on a whistle-stop tour in the build-up to this summer’s games. Our homes have been in a frenzy of excitement as the flame passes through, with people excited to have a photo with the famous sporting symbol.

Communal areas in our homes have been decorated to help bring the games to life, with flags, bunting or crafts hanging from the rafters. Our activities teams have delivered unique Olympics-themed quizzes or word games. Our chefs are creating bespoke food tasting sessions, including themed menus and afternoon teas.

When the games begin, many events will take place in garden areas and safe spaces. As with our care plans, events will be personalised as much as possible to meet the needs of our residents. To support everyone, this includes repeating activities throughout other households and even one to one time where appropriate.

Events at the Brendoncare Games

Alongside a Zoom quiz hosted by Andy from Brendoncare Alton, our homes will compete in the following disciplines:


Each competitor will receive six beanbags and attempt to  throw them the furthest. This event takes place across three exciting rounds and the total number points will be tallied from each turn. 


This water-free occasion will feature residents and staff dressed in shower cap, arm bands, swimming gear. Competing resident will take turns rolling two dice, with the numbers facing up counting towards that homes points tally. The first home to reach 250 wins.

5K Run, Walk or Cycle

This event is for Brendoncare staff only. One staff member from each home will attempt to complete either a 5k walk, run or cycle, with points awarded for each home that does so.

Egg and Spoon Relay Race

A summer fayre favourite, here, up to four staff members will jog a relay race over two timed laps. Residents can also take part at their own pace on a smaller scale.


Believe it or not, archery is already popular in our homes! Each competing resident will be given three bows and asked to produce their highest scores across two tense rounds.


With further points in their sights, residents will have three turns in which to shoot down a pyramid of ten tin cans from a two-metre distance. Ten points for each can shot down.

The Benefits of Physical Activity

Our homes’ managers, care staff and activities teams understand the value of keeping residents engaged and getting them up and about as much as possible.

The pause in events in 2020 due to coronavirus has encouraged us to make this inter-homes tournament even more special. It’s an important sentiment which is echoed by the event organisers:

“In England, we’re used to celebrating an annual  summer of sport. Over the past few months, Leeanne Broyd from Brendoncare Knightwood and I have been working hard to bring the Brendoncare Games to our homes. One of our main priorities has been to promote a message of wellbeing. Getting active, being outdoors in green spaces, making conversation with friends all counts towards improving a person’s mental health.

None of the activities we have planned are particularly strenuous or require much physical effort, but they should stimulate the senses and promote a health sense of competition, both within the home and across Brendoncare.

Whichever home is crowned the winner on August 6th, we hope for our residents and staff will reap the rewards from this fun and engaging series for years to come.”

Rebecca Spicer, Volunteer and Activity Manager at The Brendoncare Foundation

Meet the Homes

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Mexico 🇲🇽
Gambia 🇬🇲
Australia 🇦🇺
Iceland 🇮🇸
United Kingdom 🇬🇧
Austria 🇦🇹
Brazil 🇧🇷

The Brendoncare Games take place from July 23rd to August 6th. This event is not affiliated with the IOC or the Olympic Games. For more information, please email us or call Brendoncare on 01962 852 133.

Check our Facebook page for updates and read our blog about choosing a career an Activities Co-ordinator.

UPDATE: Congratulations to all the homes, staff and residents who helped make the Brendoncare Games such a success this year. And the winners are…