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B1G1 – A global community supporting Brendoncare Clubs

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Brendoncare is fortunate to work with B1G1, a global organisation on a mission to create a world full of giving. Learn how our club members have benefitted from this movement.

B1G1 is a global community supporting Brendoncare and our club members. It helps businesses give back easily in meaningful ways. As a registered charity, we gladly welcome funding from other non-profit organisations looking to donate to good causes.

How has Brendoncare Clubs benefitted from B1G1?

Since 2020, global businesses have raised nearly £2,500 for Brendoncare Clubs’ Community Support Service.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the B1G1 community were inspired by the work that Brendoncare Clubs continued to do. In particular, adapting and creating new ways for older people to stay connected during lockdown.

A huge thank you to everyone at B1G1 for helping us to offer support to our club members through one-to-one digital training, online clubs and over the telephone – during the pandemic and into the future.

How does B1G1 work?

Every time a company sells a product, creates a new client or celebrates a milestone, something extraordinary happens. Businesses can give to one of more than 500, high-impact B1G1 causes around the world they feel passionate about, including Brendoncare Clubs. Specifically, to provide community/technical support to older people which, during the Covid-19 crisis, was a lifeline for many older people in our communities.

Since 2007, B1G1 has worked with more than 2,500 businesses from all industries, creating over 250 million giving impacts. We’re proud to work with B1G1, a global community supporting Brendoncare Clubs and our members.

If you work for a company and would like to discuss charitable options, please call our Fundraising team on 01962 852 133 or email today.