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Coronavirus and self-isolation: Useful resources

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We’ve created this page as a place to share some useful community information, resources and links that people have been passing on to us. Please feel free to share the link with anyone you know who may be self-isolating, either as a precaution or because they or someone in their household are ill.

We’ve created this page as a place to share some useful community information, resources and links that people have been passing on to us. Please feel free to share the link with anyone you know who may be self-isolating, either as a precaution or because they or someone in their household are ill.

Please note, these are sources of support that we have been made aware of thanks to club members, volunteers and other members of the Brendoncare community. We are not able to advocate or recommend any companies or services ourselves, as we have not had time to check all of their credentials. 

This is very much a page in progress. We will continue to add new resources whenever we hear of them, so please keep checking back from time to time. If you know of something in your area that would be useful to others, or if you have concerns about any of the services listed, please let us know by emailing

Join an online choir

If you enjoy singing, and would like to add your voice to others singing from the safety and comfort of their own home, why not consider joining an online choir? Well-known choir-master Gareth Malone is working on a project called “The Great British Home Chorus”, to bring together voices from all over the country. Simply click on the link below to register, add your email address and you’ll receive all the information you need, as well as links to download the songs you’ll be singing.

We understand the Activities team at Brendoncare Knightwood have already registered!

Exercise and keeping active

It’s still possible to stay active and get some exercise, even if you are at home. Here are a few ideas to help you keep moving – please share with any older people you know who might be missing their regular exercise club at this time.

Now being hailed as “The Nation’s PE Teacher”Joe Wicks has added a series of exercise videos designed for older people. Click here to watch Joe in action

Diana Moran“The Green Goddess”, has returned to TV screens via Skype, with short exercise workouts for older people. Tune in to BBC Breakfast at 6.55am and 8.55am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to join in.

Natalie from Knightwood Gentle Exercise is the instructor for Fun Fitness and New Age Kurling groups at Otterbourne Hill, and Fun Fitness at Knightwood as well. With those groups now suspended, Natalie has added some video links to her website, of workouts that can be done from home. Click on the link below, and click on ‘Videos’ on the left hand side. There are three different levels of intensity, so make sure you watch the video first to check whether it’s suitable for your level of fitness.

If you’re on Facebook, take a look at the group FITISM 70 LIVE. This has been set up in conjunction with England cricketer Michael Vaughan, specifically with older people in mind, and will feature daily online live workouts with a trained instructor. It’s free to take part – you just need to join the group on Facebook, and be online at 2.30pm every week day.

The NHS has some good home workout videos to help strength and conditioning. Clear some space in the living room, and give these a go!

We found lots of online yoga and basic standing/seated exercise videos on YouTube – here are a couple, and there are suggested links alongside each video for more options.

If there are two of you in the same house, you could even set up your own Kurling game in the kitchen with a few saucepan lids and a mop or broom. If you do this, please send us some photos!

And don’t forget, if you have a garden, then gardening is a great form of aerobic exercise. Weeding, raking, trimming and digging can all improve muscle strength and help to burn calories. So make the most of the time to do those things in your garden that haven’t been possible because of all the rain over the last couple of months.

Virtual tours, games and groups

Chatterpack has lots of ideas and links to different activities, including virtual tours of museums, galleries and other attractions. There are also links to online music concerts, podcasts and board game sites, and much more.

The page also provides links to some online prayer resources for anyone unable to visit their normal place of worship. (Please note these have not been tested by Brendoncare).

Community links

First Bite in Winchester are working with a number of organisations to use surplus food to deliver hot meals to keyworkers and vulnerable people in the Winchester area. Find them on Facebook, or email Debbie at for more information.

Community First / Dial-a-ride services: With hospital appointments being cancelled, we understand that several Dial A Ride providers have advised that their drivers will instead spend their time helping to fetch shopping or pick up prescriptions. If you are a member of a Dial A Ride scheme, you should check with your usual operator.

Winchester Community First: Covid Mutual Aid UK is a group of volunteers supporting local community groups, who are organising aid and support throughout the outbreak. This is a new and rapidly evolving group, and they are inviting people who can contribute time or ideas to get in touch with them. Visit their website.

There are now Covid Mutual Aid groups offering support to people in isolation across the country. Check here for details of your nearest group.

New Alresford Town Council has announced a comprehensive support structure, aimed at ensuring people receive the help they need throughout this period. Visit their website for more details. The town has nominated street volunteers, as well as a dedicated support telephone number,  01962 674990. They can also be contacted by email on

In GosportGosport Borough Council and Gosport Voluntary Action have teamed up with local organisations to offer support and essential services. Follow this link to register as someone who needs help, or to offer your help to the group if you are able. (

Yateley Town Council and Hart Voluntary Action are working with other local voluntary groups to co-ordinate help and support for those who are self-isolating in the area. Visit for more information. If you need support and have no means of getting help, you are advised to contact Hart Voluntary Action on 01252 815652.

In Lyndhurst, local residents have received notes advising them of the Lyndhurst and Emery Down Isolation Support Group. If you live in the Lyndhurst area, they can provide support with errands, collecting shopping or medicines, dog walking or just generally a friendly chat. Call 02380 284 426 or email for more information. 

In Chandlers Ford, a group of volunteers known as Chandlers Ford Help can assist with tasks such as shopping, taking animals to the vet, walking dogs and offering a friendly ear. Contact them by telephone (07493 087 427 or 07340 910 784) or email

The Christchurch Community Partnership group has issued a really useful list of organisations offering support to those living in Christchurch and Southbourne. This includes food delivery services, although please note information provided may be subject to change (correct at 26th March 2020). Click here to access the list. (Note, depending on which Internet browser you are using, this may not open immediately. If you click the link and nothing seems to happen, check in the bottom left of your screen to see if it is waiting for you to click on an icon there).

In Bishops Waltham, the Parish Council have issued the following information. “If you have been advised to stay at home because of the coronavirus, you may need help. Please call this number if you need advice or support. 01489 892 323 – weekdays 9am to 4pm. Please continue to use local services for food and prescription deliveries as you normally would. This support line is to offer additional help while people are at risk of isolation. Whether it’s a friendly voice on the end of a phone, basic food supplies or just to find out what else is around to help. Please note we cannot provide lifts to appointments. We’re in close contact with many local groups and organisations, and can put you in touch with them as needed.”

In Hampshire and the New ForestGood Neighbours groups are continuing to operate throughout the shutdown. All of their volunteers are DBS checked. Find more information here: In particular in New Milton, volunteers have created the New Milton Covid Support Group which will provide support to the local community. More information about the New Milton group is available on their website, on Facebook (search New Milton Covid Support Group), via telephone (01425 542 019) or email

In Winton, we’ve been told about Faithworks Wessex, who are supporting Bournemouth Council  to provide support to those who are vulnerable and in need of support. Here is a link to their website (, and there is a dedicated helpline 0300 123 7052, open 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm.

Rushmoor Borough Council has also provided details of a new helpline for people needing advice, information or support. The number 0333 370 4000 is open seven days a week, 9am to 5pm.

In Southampton, the City Council has launched a Community Support Hub, which aims to bring together support from across the city including the NHS CCG, Southampton Voluntary Services and other voluntary and faith groups. A dedicated helpline will be available from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm, and the service will prioritise those who have received a letter from NHS England stating they are in a priority group and are unable to rely on family or friends for support. The telephone number is 023 8083 4800, or you can visit their “I Need Help” page for more information.

Food Delivery Services

Gosport and Fareham area: Parsley Box ( offer vacuum packed meals that can be kept in the cupboard, not taking up space in the fridge or freezer. Meals can be purchased on their website, or by telephone 0800 612 7225, and will be delivered by DHL within a few days.

The Fruit Basket offer deliveries of fruit and veg boxes, including fresh eggs as well. They cover Fareham, Stubbington, Gosport, Eastleigh, Romsey and Southampton areas. Telephone 02392 502 923 or visit

We will continue to add other community links as we become aware of them. To tell us about anything you know of in your local area, email