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Defeated by the Park Road Bandits

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Would anybody like to join us for a game of Scrabble or a hand of Rummy?

It’s a Monday morning which is Scrabble time! I’m thinking I’ll give these ladies a run for their money. They need a bit of competition – they’d better watch out! I’m feeling energised and competitive.

I pull up my chair, Joan and Enid seem relaxed, calm and pleased I’m joining in. (Ha! They’re going to be in for a shock when I beat them!)  I put my hand in the bag and pull out seven tiles and carefully place them on my Scrabble rack.

Deep breath. Oh NO! Rubbish selection of tiles, with only ONE vowel. Surely not? The next round will be better.  

We played four or five rounds of Scrabble. Joan and Enid cleaned up!

Disgruntled and unhappy at losing, I advise the ladies to prepare themselves for another game later in the week. I joked how I ‘allowed’ them to win! These ladies are bandits in disguise! They are lean, mean and very professional Scrabble players!

I suggest we play Rummy as I KNOW I will beat them! I’m a red hot Rummy player. Taught all the winning tricks by my father – ha! the bandits have met their match!

Oh dear. No comment!… I’m feeling embarrassed.