Experience isn’t everything

I’ve interviewed a lot of people in my HR career and there have been several times where I’ve offered a position to the candidate who may have lacked experience but oozed enthusiasm, rather than to the candidate who ticked the right boxes but somehow just didn’t gel with the organisation. At the time I thought I was relying on my gut instinct, but I realise now that what I was doing was ‘values-based’ recruitment.

I’ve largely worked in the not-for-profit sector where values are important, and never more so than in a care charity. Our recruitment processes are predominately values-based. We’re looking at someone’s values as soon as they walk into our care home for an interview. Do they say hello to the people who live there or are they silent and disengaged?

It’s more than using the right words like dignity, respect and choice; it’s about talking with passion about older people, talking about older people as individuals and recognising that the person is at the centre of what we do. We can teach people with no experience how to provide appropriate personal and physical care for people, but we can’t teach people to actually care, to have empathy and compassion for their fellow human.

It’s a challenging recruitment market at the moment. In July 2017, the Office for National Statistics reported that 74.9% of people aged 16-64 are employed. That’s the highest percentage since comparable records began in 1971. With the National Minimum Wage on the increase, the care sector’s pool of available talent is drying up as people opt for similarly paid roles that come with less responsibility and less hard graft. So why would anyone still want to work in the care sector? Well, because they care.

Experience isn’t everything, HR Manager

About the author:

Cath Dixon

HR Manager

Cath started as a personnel administrator for the local authority shortly after leaving college. After then taking a year out to travel around Australia, Cath returned to join a local housing association where she worked her way up from HR Advisor to HR Manager obtaining her CIPD along the way. Cath joined Brendoncare in 2009 as HR Manager and balances a busy role with her two young children. When she gets a moment (which isn’t often) she loves to get crafty.

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