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I ache, I’m sore, but I did it!

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Trish Harris, Home Manager, at Brendoncare Chiltern View in Stone, ran an amazing 14 half-marathons in 14 days, to increase awareness for people living with dementia, and to raise money for activities and improvements at Chiltern View. This is her personal account of those 14 days.

Monday 1st July
04:20 Super excited and anxious all at once to run. It’s dark and the street lights are still on. I do my stretches and warm up, pick up my keys and set my target mileage. Music!!!! No, not my old play list… quick, something new. I scroll down and SA flag catches my eye. I click on and there it goes, thump thump to the beat of my nerves, excitement and adrenalin rush!!! That’s it all set.  I start my run with the quickest pace and remember to tone it down … I have miles to cover. I break to look at my app – ohhhh noo it’s on miles! This means I’ll only hear the progress counter every 18 minutes. I reset a couple of times then got it right.
I ran, I jogged and I smiled as I came home. Goal achieved.

Tuesday 2nd July
I ache, I’m stiff and sore but I did it. I got out just before five and ran right before I reset my app to km so I feel relieved. I ran up the Whitchurch Hill and felt amazing. I pushed through and remembered to reset – breathe and flex free my arm. High kicks every now and then but oh gosh I was slow!! Ha, just remembered this is a fun run not serious run!

Wednesday 3rd July
I’m too sore but somehow I push through it and went as far as Chiltern Nursery near Wendover. I struggled with my intermittent high knees, I found it much more comfortable switching to a fast walk for half a km. Got home did stretches and got ready for the day. Checked my emails and saw response from Mix96 offering me an interview on why was I doing this challenge.

Thursday 4th July
Very sore, unable to go beyond 2km mark this morning. Went to work. Did my Mix96 interview. I ran after 18:30 with a little helper cheering me on her bike. We managed 11.5 km. Louisa was so enthusiastic at one point while pumping her fist in the air, she almost wobbled off her bike!

Friday 5th July
Invincible, but what’s this… seagulls in Aylesbury? Over my head? I am superstitious so while running I lost focus as I had lots of thoughts why is there one circling my head and squawking so loud. What do you know… two more joined and they honestly kept circling and followed me for half a km. One finally plopped ‘pop!’ just in front of me and I thought ‘Now jog on seagulls’. I was left in peace to carry on my merry route to Waddesdon.

Saturday 6th July
I felt more relaxed and took the route round the city then out to Waddesdon.
I got home and knew straight away I should have changed my shoes as the pain in my left big toe was unbearable. Sure enough later in afternoon I could see it turning black.

Sunday 7th July
I did it, not long to go!! I took same route as yesterday and took it slow. My toe aches.

Monday 8th July
Just do it. This is my count down to the end. I choose to do the first route I took for my first long run two years ago, Aston Abbots. What a view. Beautiful scenery but a killer hill.

Tuesday 9th July
I’m nearly there. This was hard to keep focused and pacing myself. I did stop and start several times. But I did it.

Wednesday 10th July
I start the run very slow and begin to get into it third Km where I pick my pace. I choose half the route for my final run. I’ve started feeling slight pain in my knee. I take the run right down and finished in longest time thus far. This evening I had an interview with BBC Three Counties Radio!! Brilliant exposure for our home.

Thursday 11th July
Very close now. I ran!!

Friday 12th July
Needed to make hours up for not completing run on Wednesday last week and this morning, so I ran twice; in total I did 30km

Saturday 13th July
Left home at 4:30am and went past Stone village and back home. Had several hoots from friends as they drove by. Brilliant.

Sunday 14 July
Brilliant Brilliant!!! I have done it!
To Buckingham Park then to Waddesdon and finally to the Nursing home. I was greeted by wonderful team of friends from Chiltern View. I am shattered, I ache. But this was worth it.

Trish wrote about her reasons for taking on this challenge on her fundraising page: “Running is important to me as being a busy mum a run in the morning helps me keep fit and active while bringing me joy as it is something I’ve always done and cared about. As the manager of our home giving back to my residents by doing something I love and making their life special, would mean so much to me, other staff, our residents and their families.”

There is still time to sponsor Trish at And if you’ve been inspired by reading about Trish’s challenge, why not talk to our Fundraising team about taking on your very own challenge?