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Respite breaks with Brendoncare

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With more than 13 million people estimated to be providing unpaid care to a relative or friend, it may help to know that Brendoncare’s homes are still able to offer respite care at this time.

A report published for Carers Week 2020 suggests that more than 13 million people are currently providing unpaid care to an older or vulnerable relative or friend. If you are one of these people, whether you were caring before the outbreak, or have taken on these responsibilities in recent months, it’s good to know that help and respite is still available if you need it.

Brendoncare’s homes continue to offer a safe, kind and caring community for all those who live with us. Most of our homes remain open for admissions, whether for permanent care or for respite breaks, and we are always happy to talk to you about your care needs, either for yourself or for a loved one.

“Mum came for 6 weeks of respite care after a serious operation at age 92. The staff are attentive, kind, thoughtful and expert, and there are daily activities. There was a care plan and medication management was excellent and co-ordinated with the hospital. The room was clean and comfortable, the ethos supportive and encouraging but also flexible. A particular plus was the quality of cooking – important to look forward to enjoying when daily life is constrained. She feared being in a nursing/care home, but after experiencing this will return if possible and with confidence to it when/if she needs it.”

(GN, son of respite guest, Brendoncare Park Road)
How can a respite break help?

Perhaps you need some short term care or support because of a family emergency or other commitments, or perhaps a return to work means less time available for caring responsibilities. Maybe the person you’re caring for needs additional support for a short time. You should understand the importance of respite breaks for you and your loved one. Whatever the reason, a respite break in one of our homes could be the answer. Our approach is simple: a care and support plan devised around individual needs, and a warm welcome to our home, however long you or your loved one are staying with us.

If you are considering respite care for yourself or someone you love, you will naturally have some questions, and we’ve tried to answer some of these below. You may also find our Admissions Policy helpful, and all of our teams are happy to talk to you about your care needs and any concerns you may have.

While every Brendoncare home is different, the care provided by each is firmly based on our values of kindness, care, choice and community.

What can I/my loved one expect from a respite stay?

While communal dining and activities are currently suspended, and social distancing measures are in place, we are still enjoying plenty of fun, friendship and laughter. One to one activities are still taking place, and during the warmer months, our lovely gardens allow us to take advantage of outdoor spaces for social contact. We have even welcomed singers into some of our gardens, sharing songs with residents on their balconies and in the garden with afternoon tea.

We’re also making sure that people can still speak to family and friends, via the telephone or video calls. Don’t worry if your loved one ‘doesn’t do’ Skype or social media – we can set it all up for you. And of course letters, cards and flowers are still welcome to brighten up rooms.

The staff in all of our homes are being as creative as possible to maintain the atmosphere we are so proud of. You’ll find plenty of examples on our Facebook page, and you can see what other relatives have said about us on

Will I/my loved one need a coronavirus test before admission?

Admissions from home do not need a coronavirus test. We will arrange a chat with you to assess your care needs, and we will discuss with you any symptoms you may have. From the day you move in, you, like all residents, will benefit from twice-daily temperature checks, and we will arrange any testing that may be needed.

If you/your loved one are coming into the home from a hospital, you will need to have had a coronavirus test.

All new admissions into our homes are currently subject to a 14 day isolation period in their rooms, for their own safety and that of all of our residents. This is in accordance with current government guidance, and we will review this period as soon as the guidance is updated. All staff will use gloves, aprons and masks when supporting any personal care, and one to one activities will be available, ensuring that your loved one will not be left on their own.

Can we come and look round before deciding?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer our usual visits at the moment. Our doors have been closed to visitors as a result of the pandemic, and only essential visits are currently taking place. However, our website has lots of photos from each of our homes, and each care home manager will be happy to talk to you or take you on a virtual video tour of the home to show you the key areas. You can also understand the importance of care homes and how to choose a care home by visiting our blog.

How can I get in touch?

Click here to see a map of Brendoncare’s homes.

You’ll find a link to each of our homes here, with managers’ contact details on each home’s page. Alternatively, you can contact our Central Office (01962 852133) or email