Side by side

On International Nurses Day, we meet two nurses, past and present, both currently at Brendoncare Stildon. Anne Hayes is a former nurse and resident at Stildon, whilst Jenny Bower has been nursing at Brendoncare Stildon for the past fifteen years.

Anne Hayes was born on 21st July 1934 and lived and worked in India when she was younger. Anne had a long and successful career in nursing, including being a residential nurse at a boarding school and working with leprosy patients.

Q: When did you begin your nursing career?

Anne: It was a long time ago - I think I was in my early 20s.

Q: Where did you nurse?

Anne: I started my training in London.

Q: What made you go into nursing?

Anne: I thought I wanted to meet up with people who hadn't had much of a chance in life. I wanted to help.

Q: Do you have a favourite memory from your nursing career?

Anne: I was helping a nurse who wasn't very confident. It was a caring profession and we wanted to do the right thing, not just what we were told. It was a joy!


Q: When did you start nursing?

Jenny: I started my training in 1976 at North Middlesex hospital. I trained as a general nurse then went into psychiatric nursing and district nursing.

Q: What made you choose a career in nursing?

Jenny: I just wanted to be useful and help people.

Q: Do you have a favourite memory from your time as a nurse?

Jenny: In the old days, we had a matron who never listened to anybody properly. One day, she came walking down the ward asking each person in the turn how they were feeling. When the patients responded that they were OK, she replied 'good' and quickly ticked her list and moved on to the next patient. As she approached one patient to ask how he was, he replied 'I'm dead, Matron' - to which she replied 'good' and moved onto the next patient! Everybody laughed grin


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