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The Importance of Care

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“I have good thoughts for this HOME, it is important to me. I share it with many others and I consider the staff to be the integral service that gives the quality of ‘our care’.”

I live at Park Road, my home of more than 3 years. It exists because the foundation members of Brendoncare made it happen some 30 years ago, because they ‘cared’. They were a group of distinguished persons with a collective expertise in all facets of elderly care and this augured well for the success and continuing stability.

My family, that is grandchildren and many, many old friends continue my stay for life, all are welcomed hospitably and with affection by staff to this my HOME.

We are encouraged to join in activities and events to communicate with each other and regular volunteers, including young students from colleges and schools who share their lives with us and their aspirations. All of us have a story to tell, reminiscing together pleasurably, stimulating discussions and companionship. We are encouraged too to retain important events in our lives.

I wore the “Birthday Hat” all day on mine this year, only remembering after a strange look from a visiting stranger.

Family events, such as my grand daughter’s 21st tea party was a very happy occasion, offered by Hilary, wholeheartedly helped by the chef and other staff. A grandson on his (20th) asked if he could bring a picnic tea, to have on the lawn, so that I could participate with his friends and family.

I have experienced and observed the many examples of the caring above basic care for us all, the little things instigated by the staff. A Christmas present beautifully wrapped for every resident, chosen by a staff member, whose knowledge of the recipient can make it appropriate. Happenings like being cajoled into volunteering out on a snow-covered lawn with help and frame to snow-ball. Staff giving up their short break to push a wheelchair round the garden for a change of scene.

Care is an over-used word, but says it all.