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Understanding what makes people tick

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Understanding what makes people tick means I can manage and respond to residents’ needs and care for them better.

As a qualified nurse in Romania, I assumed that I would naturally become a nurse when I moved to England three years ago. Not so! Due to an error in bureaucracy, I started life in the UK as a carer but in October 2016 I made the transition to nursing at Brendoncare Froxfield and have never looked back.

Each day I work with different residents in different households, each with different needs. No day is the same and everyday is exciting, offering a variety of challenges and opportunities. Back in Romania, I worked mainly with children but I find it much more satisfying nursing older people. If I ever went back to Romania, I would now choose to work with the older generation.

I consider some of the residents as friends – my previous role as carer has helped me build relationships with them. As a nurse, knowing the residents and understanding what makes them tick means I can manage and respond to their needs and care for them better.

Nursing is very different in this country. The processes, procedures – everything is different, so I’ve had a lot to re-learn. I’ve had a lot of help from colleagues which has been important to me. We have a great team here at Brendoncare Froxfield and I love being a part of it. I’m not planning on going anywhere else!

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