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What activities in care homes are there for residents?

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Activities in Care Homes - residents enjoying outside hoopla
Activities in care homes are an important part of what we offer at Brendoncare. We caught up with two of our activity co-ordinators to find out why!

Activities in care homes are so important and we love a good activity at Brendoncare – whether you want to get into some flower arranging or test your brain with a quiz, we base our activities around the wants and needs of our residents to ensure everyone gets the most out of their experience.

We spoke to two of our fabulous activities coordinators, Leeanne from Brendoncare Knightwood and Betty from Brendoncare Stildon, about the activities they do in their homes and why they are so beneficial to residents.

Why are activities in care homes so important for residents?

Leeanne: Providing activities is so beneficial for the residents’ mental health. We don’t want them sitting in their rooms all day, every day. We want them to feel part of the Knightwood family and form friendships along the way. As an activities coordinator, I enjoy getting to know the residents and being able to ask about their families and discover all about their earlier lives.

Betty: I believe that activities are very important because being without a purpose can feel a bit monotonous. It’s a long day when you have nothing to do or anything to entertain you. I’ve seen a decline in health at the same rate as a decline in socialising and being active and so as an activity coordinator I make sure that I plan activities throughout the week.

What do you love about working as an activities coordinator?

Leeanne: Seeing the residents participating in different activities and socialising with each other really warms my heart and makes me realise how lucky I am to work within elderly care. Keeping the residents happy and uplifted helps maintain a harmonious and happy atmosphere which is infectious throughout the home and I love knowing I’m a part of that.

Betty: It’s really rewarding to see residents enjoying the varied activities we offer and I really enjoy watching friendships form between residents.

Tell us about your residents’ favourite activities

Leeanne: Our residents enjoy crafting so I try to vary the type of craft we do depending on the time of the year. For example, it was recently Halloween so we decorated pumpkins and made decorations for the home. We have an exercise class here on a Tuesday morning with the amazing Matt which proves very popular. The residents enjoy pushing themselves as they know they have lunch afterwards and then a well-earned afternoon nap.

Betty: A recent favourite was the scarecrow competition, residents loved making him and all debated and voted on each part of him as to how to put him together and what they wanted to use to make his head, arms, legs, how to dress him, what to use for eyes, mouth and nose. We’re now having a hard time deciding what to call him and have conversations at the dinner table during lunch, not that we have narrowed down the list at all!

Do you run outdoor activities?

Leeanne: When the dry weather is here we try and make the most of it by offering outdoor activities such as skittles, giant badminton, quoits or games on the patio table. Fresh air is so important for our residents and on a warm summer day, they like to sit outside with a fruit cocktail drink.

We also try and offer as many outdoor events as possible as we have such lovely grounds here at Knightwood. BBQs are a favourite and earlier this year we had an outdoor party with a magician.

Do you hold social sessions as well as activities?

Leeanne: We have coffee morning every Wednesday where we choose a different topic each week to chat about or do a quiz/game.

Betty: I use our daily newspaper to start conversations with them to get residents talking and then we take it from there. In these coffee mornings we have shared news of new family additions, read our horoscopes, talked politics, shared jokes, expressed feelings over lost loved ones and just generally put the world to rights.

You can read more about life as an activities coordinator in Leeanne’s blog here. If you have any questions about activities in care homes or would like to find out more about living with us at Brendoncare, please get in touch with our friendly customer relations team on 0300 303 4866 or email them at .