Brendoncare’s Top Tips for Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls at Clubs

Written by: Alison Reijman Published: January 23, 2024

The personal safety of our members, volunteers, residents, carers and colleagues is our highest priority at all times at Brendoncare, and nowhere is this ethos more important than in our clubs.

Winchester Kurling club

As most members will have seen first-hand, the Membership Team carries out regular venue risk assessments, fire drills, CO2 alarm checks. They also work to ensure that individuals with any additional needs have all the support they need to come along to clubs and feel completely safe.

Of course, accidents can and do still happen.

Martine Martin, Brendoncare’s Head of Membership, shares some helpful tips to keep everyone safe in 2024.

These shoes are made for…?

Comfortable shoes with a good grip on the bottom can make a big difference, especially in clubs where members are moving around quite a bit, such as kurling, table tennis or short mat bowls. Shoes with rubber soles in particular can be great for keeping one steady.

Stay warm, stay flexible

Before starting any activities, some gentle warm-up exercises can help your muscles get ready, making it less likely you’ll trip or slip later on. We run seated exercise classes to help members stay flexible, and also include it in some of our social clubs for this reason.

Keep an eye out for hazards

Our volunteers and colleagues work hard to make sure that there are no trip hazards inside or outside a venue when our clubs run, but it’s always worth keeping an eye out just in case. You can also help keep everyone safe by hanging up any coats, scarves or other clothing out of the way, rather than on the back of a chair, and keeping potential hazards – walking sticks, bags etc – away from main activity areas and walkways.

Don’t be shy, we’re here to help!

Our clubs cater for individuals of all kinds of mobility levels. If you are generally a bit unsteady, or need some additional equipment to feel confident in moving around, don’t worry. We can carry out an Individual Assessment with you and help you to find what support or equipment you need to join in. We are also always happy make whatever adjustments we can for temporary issues as well – just let us know.

Your invitation to clubs has a plus one.

Did you know that carers can come along with members attending our clubs for free? If you have someone who you would like to be there to support you, let us know and we’ll always do our best to make space.

Our mission is to make sure you’re safe and having fun at the same time!

If you’d like to read more about this subject, Staying Steady is a very useful guide produced by Age UK – which can be read here. It gives information on how to reduce the risk of falling and support available to stay safe at home.