Dedicated Dementia Care Homes

Dementia is different for everyone, for those living with it and also for their loved ones. Dementia is difficult to see and can be hard to understand and each person’s experience is unique.

Whilst the majority of individuals living with dementia remain living in their own homes in the community, some may require that little bit of extra care and support. That’s when dedicated dementia care come in.

Several of Brendoncare’s homes offer dementia care, where staff are on hand 24 hours a day. Knowing loved ones are being taken care of by well-qualified staff in a safe environment often brings enormous relief to families.

We know that the transition into a care home can be a hugely emotional decision for all involved but we strive to make sure our homes have that family feel. Family members often stop being carers and allow a loving relationship to flourish again with the assurance they have made the very best decision.

Dementia care home FAQs

  • What is dedicated dementia care?

    Dedicated dementia care describes high quality, 24-hour care provided by trained staff in a safe environment. Dementia care homes are often divided into households to foster a homely feel.

    There are adapted indoor and outdoor spaces so residents can explore safely. Daily leisure and wellbeing activities and therapies provide opportunities for those living with dementia to join in if they wish.

    Our specialist care dementia homes are staffed by highly qualified care and nursing teams. Staff find out about residents past and their current preferences and things they might like or find upsetting.

    Our main philosophy of patience, kindness as well as our knowledge of a range of approaches equips staff to help residents. They feel at peace from being in an environment they know and trust thereby alleviating many of the anxieties of dementia.

    Staff work closely with local GPs and other health care professionals to ensure a range of expertise is available in order to provide personalised, specialist dementia care. Family and friends are considered essential partners in supporting people living with dementia

  • How much does dedicated dementia care cost? Is there any financial support?

    We know that the cost of a dementia care home can be a real concern to future residents and their loved ones. At Brendoncare, our fees are all-inclusive and assessed based on your level of care need which is assessed before you move in.

    You may also be entitled to benefits or allowances to help. To find out more see paying for care and for further information on pricing, you can visit each home's page on our webpage, or contact our knowledgeable customer relations team on 0300 303 4866.

    We are also proud to offer our Care for Life promise, which ensures that residents have a home with us for life, even if their financial situation changes.

  • When will I be able to visit?

    Whenever you want! We are currently asking that all named visitors book their visits with reception and take a lateral flow test before entering one of our homes. Please see our coronavirus information and guidance page for further information.

  • Can residents bring pets?

    Pets are accepted on a case by case basis. If you do have a pet you would like to bring with you, please make sure you mention this when speaking to the home manager.

  • Can residents participate in the running of the homes?

    Of course, it’s their home. Residents can be involved as much or a little as they would like, from writing newsletters, starting gardening clubs, being involved in interviews for staff, writing poetry or even scripting the Christmas pantomime!

    All suggestions and contributions are welcome and at each home, there are regular residents and relatives meetings, annual surveys and staff are always keen to hear how to make smooth running can be improved.

    At Brendoncare, we recognise the importance of residents having autonomy and control over their lives. Material Citizenship has been developed by Dr. Kellyn Lee, a chartered psychologist at the University of Southampton and a Brendoncare Trustee. It is designed to ensure people living with dementia enjoy a meaningful life. We are proud to support ongoing work into this innovative and person-centred approach and will be carrying out further training across our homes.

    We also partner with the Alzheimer’s Society to provide information and education about dementia within our staff teams and volunteers. Where possible we also make great use of the Virtual Dementia Tour which provides experiential learning for our homes.

  • What social activities are available?

    All homes provide daily engagement and opportunities for those living with dementia, from chair based exercise classes, walks in the garden, intergenerational visits, gardening and vegetable growing, robotic pets, singing, music therapy and various arts from crafts and acting.

  • What accommodations are in place for different religions/cultures in your homes?

    We’re always happy to accommodate different religions/cultures within our homes and where suitable, celebrate the special occasions with you. We have good links to local churches and other faith groups and we are able to support any routines you may have.

  • Can residents continue to see the same doctor?

    We understand the importance of continuity in dementia care and therefore, as long as your current doctor is willing to travel to make visits to the home, it is fine to continue to use the same doctor.

    We can also arrange for a member of staff to accompany residents to doctors’ appointments, but this is subject to additional costs. Each of our homes have strong connections with local GPs so even if you cannot continue to see your current doctor, we will be able to support you in getting the right dementia help.

  • Will my loved one have their own room?

    Every resident has their own room, which they are welcome to personalise with pictures and small pieces of furniture. If you have any questions about our rooms, please get in touch with our customer relations team on 0300 303 4866 and they will be happy to help.

  • Is there a garden?

    All our homes have great outdoor spaces that include plenty of flowers, plants and wildlife. Some of our homes have safe and secure sensory gardens designed to stimulate those living with dementia and provide a safe place to walk.

  • How do you encourage residents to socialise?

    As well as our range of social activities, we have several lounges in each home that encourage residents to get to together to watch TV or have a chat. As well as encouraging residents to socialise with each other, our staff teams are always happy to have a chat!

  • Are residents' food likes and dislikes catered for?

    We are able to cater for a range of different dietary requirements, including allergies and intolerances and work with the local speech and language therapists for those with any swallowing difficulties. We are also happy to cater for personal taste. Food should always be a joy rather than a chore, and we seek to make sure that is the case across Brendoncare.

  • Are the mealtimes regular?

    We serve our mealtimes at certain times of the day to ensure that meals are kept regular and routine. We do have some flexibility over when we serve meals, so please do let us know your preferences.

  • Are all staff trained in dementia care?

    We know that caring for someone with dementia is not a one size fits all approach. Person-centred dementia care led by staff in our homes encourages residents to continue to pursue their own hobbies and interests while making sure they stay safe and happy.

  • Can I visit the home to see if I like it?

    Yes, we would love to show you around our homes! If you would like to book a tour, please contact our customer relations team on 0300 303 4866. We also offer respite care if you would like to experience our care before moving in permanently.

  • Is there parking for residents and guests?

    Yes, our homes have parking for visitors and guests.

  • How will I receive post?

    Any post you received to home will be delivered to you by our lovely reception teams as it arrives.

  • Can I get a daily paper delivered to me?

    We’re always happy to try and cater to personal needs, so please do let us know if there is anything you would like, including getting a daily newspaper.

  • What is provided in the room? What do I need to bring?

    All our rooms come equipped with a bed, dresser, bedside table and a wardrobe. Most of our residents bring their own home touches, such as blankets, cushions, pictures and ornaments. 

    You can find our top ten tips on making moving into a care home easier to find out more about what you need to consider when coming to live with us.

  • How will you keep my loved ones safe?

    Keeping your loved ones safe and healthy is our number one priority. All of our dementia nursing homes have secure households for those who need them, meaning those that are prone to walking with purpose are able to leave only when accompanied. This reduces any upsetting incidents of people getting disorientated and lost.

    Each of our secure households has its own lounge space to help people orientate themselves around the home. We also do regular checks on residents when they are in their rooms to ensure they are safe and not in need of everything.

    In our new home, St Giles View, we will be installing acoustic technology for nighttime monitoring which helps to reduce falls and discretely check on residents while being less intrusive than physical checks. The dementia homes all have secure gardens and outside spaces where can people walk outside and enjoy the fresh air.

  • Find a Dementia Care Home


    Spread across five self-contained households, with a home-like atmosphere of small family units.


    Set in a beautiful countryside location that caters to 44 residents with included specialist dementia care.


    Providing nursing and dementia care for up to 64 residents in a family-like environment that promotes friendship and a sense of community.


    A nursing home for physically frail older people and an intermediate care household run in partnership with Wandsworth Clinical Care Commissioning Group.

    60 purpose-built, en-suite nursing, and dementia care bedrooms enabling residents to live with as much independence as possible

    If you’re looking for a care home for a loved one for the first time, it can feel a little overwhelming. To help you better understand the key decision-making factors, we’ve put together a simple overview of things we think you’d like to know about along the way.