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Each month, we will be sharing a range of stories, information and opinion on topics relating to older people. We would love you to get involved in these discussions so please do log on and post your comments and questions. If you have suggestions for future blog posts, please get in touch.
Brendoncare Community clubs helps to alleviate social isolation and loneliness in a positive way. Our community clubs can give people in later life the opportunity to get out and connect with others in their local community.
Volunteers are essential to our work at Brendoncare and we could not achieve what we do without their involvement. Our volunteers make such a difference and put smiles on the faces of members and care home residents every day.
At Brendoncare we love to welcome a variety of furry friends into our homes. We discuss the benefits of animal visits and have a look at cute photos of recent visits in this blog!
Fundraising is a huge part of what we do at Brendoncare and running events are a popular way to raise funds. Hear from three fundraisers who have previously run for us and learn about their experiences in running for Brendoncare.
Care home activities have a vital role to play in the health and wellbeing of residents’ lives at Brendoncare. Our activities team cater for everyone, organising an active calendar of social, lifestyle and physical events to suit all ages and abilities.
One of the biggest considerations when moving into a care home is the cost. It can be challenging trying to understand the different funding options, the different models of care offered and what is included in your fees. We’ve caught up with Rachel McIlroy, Chief Financial Officer here at the Brendoncare Foundation, to answer the most frequently asked questions.
Volunteering in care homes helps provide a community feel and gives residents an opportunity for social interaction. At Brendoncare we recognise the vital work our volunteers do for our homes and community services and Rebecca Spicer, Volunteer and Activity Manager at Brendoncare, shares with us the positive impact of volunteers at Brendoncare homes.
Music is a powerful tool. It has the power to influence our moods, bring back memories and inspire us to dance! At Brendoncare, we recognise the importance of music in dementia care in our homes and community services.
We know that getting the right nutrition is crucial at any age. But what is the right diet for the elderly? We take a look in our latest blog.
Activities in care homes are an important part of what we offer at Brendoncare. We caught up with two of our activity co-ordinators to find out why!
Organising a dementia friendly day out doesn’t have to feel overwhelming! We’ve put together some of our top tips to make it completely achievable.
Moving into a care home is big change, and at Brendoncare we are keen to make the transition as easy as possible using our top 10 tips on making the move.
Are you planning care for a loved one? There are many benefits of residential care to consider when choosing your options. Read about them here.
This #WorldFoodDay, we are looking at ways to make eating easier for older people. In this blog, we share our top tips for making eating easy and enjoyable!
Fundraising is a huge part of what we do at Brendoncare. It’s so important for us to raise funds to continue to make a difference to the lives of older people in our communities. We can boost our donations by 25% with the help of Gift Aid.
Silver Sunday started as a tea dance to tackle loneliness and isolation for older people. It is now a nationally recognised day celebrating older people and their contribution to society. At Brendoncare, we are celebrating togetherness this Sunday.
World Alzheimer’s Month 2021 focuses on dementia. Throughout many of our homes, we offer specialist dementia care designed to support the individual and their families. Find out more.
Brendoncare is fortunate to work with B1G1, a global organisation on a mission to create a world full of giving. Learn how our club members have benefitted from this movement.
Brendoncare celebrates a summer of sport with a unique inter-homes tournament designed to improve wellbeing, encourage exercise and stimulate the mind amongst our residents and staff.
Charlotte Gilbert is the General Manager at Brendoncare Knightwood. Her care staff team works tirelessly to keep the home running smoothly and ensure residents and staff are thriving. Here, Charlotte provides first-hand insight into the highs and lows of her role.
Care Home Open Week reminds people that every Brendoncare home is filled with wonderful characters, and run by special people that really do care. Come and take a closer look at our care homes and find out why people want to work for Brendoncare.
Dr. Kellyn Lee, a chartered psychologist and research fellow at the University of Southampton (Ageing and Dementia) and a Brendoncare trustee, has developed Material Citizenship, a new approach to dementia care which aims to ensure people with dementia enjoy a meaningful life.
Men’s Health Week at Brendoncare highlights opportunities to improve the wellbeing of men working across our organisation. From checking in to regular exercise, here are five ways we can all support the men in our lives.
Between June 14-20th, we encourage all our residents to take part in this special annual event, with better physical and mental health on the menu. Find out more.
Brendoncare offers a number of care services across our homes. Maybe you’ve thought about giving yourself a break? It might just be what you or your loved one needs. Let’s look at how to get respite care in Hampshire.
Brendoncare works with a number of organisations to offer care and support residents living with dementia and their families. One of those is Dementia-friendly Alton, who organise a calendar of dementia-friendly activities for Brendoncare residents and the local community.
Brendoncare organises sessions at our Froxfield home with dementia care mapper and trained music therapist. Meet the man behind the music, Arash Bazrafshan, and discover why music can be such a powerful aid.
Care home activities have a vital role to play in the health and wellbeing of residents’ lives at Brendoncare. Our activities team cater for everyone, organising an active calendar of social, lifestyle and physical events to suit all ages and abilities.
The impact of seeing loved ones on the morale across our homes cannot be underestimated, and it is with that in mind that we are now introducing the role of ‘Essential Family Caregiver’.
Intergenerational projects bring a wealth of benefits for both the residents and children. They can boost confidence, knowledge and skills amongst young people and children, and can even change their attitudes towards ageing.
A new impact report has been published detailing how its vision has helped improve the lives of older people and their families since it first opened back in 2018.
Our clubs’ service has seen unprecedented change ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began back in March. Our volunteers have taking things digital to help keep our members connected and made regular essential journeys to deliver food to some of our most vulnerable older people. Read Gwen’s story.
Choosing a care home, whether for yourself or an older loved one, is one of the most important life decisions you will ever make. It’s important to find somewhere that provides the best care, and that feels comfortable and safe.
Glad to Care Week is an opportunity to share some of the amazing stories of extraordinary care from our homes. Charlotte Gilbert, General Manager at Brendoncare Knightwood, recalls an emotional story from her home that shows the lengths our staff will go to, to provide the very best support to older people and their families.
Cooking for One volunteer David Higgins has been creating home cooking videos during lockdown. Here are links to all of the videos and recipes.
With more than 13 million people estimated to be providing unpaid care to a relative or friend, it may help to know that Brendoncare’s homes are still able to offer respite care at this time.
Friday 8 May 2020 marks 75 years since Nazi Germany’s formal surrender at the end of the Second World War. On VE (Victory in Europe) Day in 1945, millions took to the streets to celebrate peace after years of devastating war.
Born on 29th March 1908, Bob Weighton celebrates his 112th birthday today. He’ll be celebrating by staying at home in his apartment at Brendoncare Alton, and chatting to friends and family via Facetime.
We’ve created this page as a place to share some useful community information, resources and links that people have been passing on to us. Please feel free to share the link with anyone you know who may be self-isolating, either as a precaution or because they or someone in their household are ill.
During the festive period, the change in routine and expectations to have a great time can prove stressful and confusing, particularly to people living with dementia. Here are some simple steps you take to have a Christmas enjoyed by all.
This Christmas we are working hard to raise funds and awareness of the difficulties which can face older people over winter. We’d like to thank two members of the Weeke Friendship Club, Mary and Rose, for telling us about how the winter months affect them, and how their club helps to cheer them up.
From loss and financial struggle, on a journey towards friendship and support, Irene’s story shows how Brendoncare Clubs makes a real difference to the lives of club members.
2019 is our 35th birthday year, and we have been marking the milestone with a series of celebrations and special fundraising challenges. In this month’s blog, Brendoncare’s Chief Executive, Carole Sawyers looks back over our birthday year so far.
Remember a Charity in Your Will Week runs from 9th to 15th September 2019. This month’s blog post looks at some of the common myths and misconceptions around making a will.
There is always lots going on in our care homes. Each home is committed to providing a wide range of activities, and arts and crafts prove consistently popular. Emily Heath, Activities Co-ordinator at Brendoncare Alton, shares her thoughts on how “everything is possible” when it comes to craft activities, with just a little thought and preparation.
Trish Harris, Home Manager, at Brendoncare Chiltern View in Stone, ran an amazing 14 half-marathons in 14 days, to increase awareness for people living with dementia, and to raise money for activities and improvements at Chiltern View. This is her personal account of those 14 days.
“I have good thoughts for this HOME, it is important to me. I share it with many others and I consider the staff to be the integral service that gives the quality of ‘our care’.”
Come and join us at a Brendoncare home near you, on Friday 28th June for National Care Home Open Day. Each of Brendoncare’s homes is looking forward to welcoming visitors with a range of different activities, as well as providing the opportunity to meet and chat with staff and managers.
Good health stems from good dietary habits. Read how fibre can affect your health in many ways.
With 86 years of nursing experience between them, meet the nursing team at Brendoncare Park Road!
On International Nurses Day, we meet two nurses, past and present, both currently at Brendoncare Stildon. Anne, a resident, is a former nurse and Jenny has been nursing at Stildon for fifteen years.
This month we wanted to share a list of helpful tips for those working with and caring for people with dementia.
As we enter our twilight years, it’s the perfect time to engage in stimulating activities that promote wellbeing, whilst also providing a fun workout – gardening certainly ticks all those boxes!
This month, we’ve compiled a list of activities across Hampshire and Dorset for older people to do during the Christmas season.
The staff ensure residents are comfortable and happy whilst promoting independence. This is a valuable thing to see as a student nurse.
Brendoncare’s Chief Financial Officer, Rachel McIlroy, answers some common questions on funding and finance within the sector.
It was wonderful to see people come to life talking about their past.
Nursing is so much more rewarding than I imagined; life enriching and a constant learning curve – I love it!
To see a care home resident suddenly light up…is absolutely magic!
This is a personal story, my journey to becoming a care home manager.
A fundraising challenge gives me an opportunity to do something that pushes me out of my comfort zone.
Care homes are as individual as the people who live in them.
I try to make each person a priority, giving them the time and attention they deserve.
How to get the best from your diet to help ward off osteoporosis.
Would anybody like to join us for a game of Scrabble or a hand of Rummy?
Getting active is not just about adding years to your life, it’s about adding life to your years.
It’s more than using the right words like dignity, respect and choice; it’s about talking with passion about older people.
I used to live in Pimlico, London with my wife. I still live there now, by myself.
Care Home Open Day is a national event taking place this year on Friday 16 June.
As a volunteer, you can play a vital role in providing a friendly environment where members have fun, make friends and feel welcome.
In honour of International Nurses Day I wanted to take time to celebrate all the good things that the nurses I work with do everyday to make our residents’ days well lived.
Understanding what makes people tick means I can manage and respond to residents’ needs and care for them better.
I feel incredibly proud to be a mental health nurse and one of the very many hardworking and committed nurses caring for vulnerable people in the world today.
Hand on heart, I’ve genuinely got the best work/life balance – I’m happy at work and I’m happy at home.
With over one million older people in the UK reporting that they are chronically lonely, loneliness is a major challenge for our country. Edwin Ingleton shares his top 10 tips for avoiding loneliness.
I was never a very musically talented person, but I have learned to appreciate the skills of the conductor of an orchestra. “What has this to do with being a care home manager?” I hear you ask. Good question!