Brendoncare Club Types


Every Brendoncare club has its own unique personality, which has developed because of the choices of its members and volunteers. With a variety of club models, the weekly subscriptions vary from £1 to £5, depending on the type of club and what it offers. The clubs’ access fund ensures that our clubs are accessible to all those who need us, providing support for those who struggle to reach us physically, socially or financially.

Drop-in social (from £1)

A chance to meet others, chat and have a coffee.

Film (from £2)

Why not come along – see old favourites and newer releases.

Social silver (from £2.50)

These clubs offer a social gathering but with games, activities and some external speakers and entertainers.

Singing (from £3)

If you enjoy singing, these clubs are the ones for you! Everyone is welcome – no previous experience necessary – just enthusiasm!

Dance (from £3)

Come and learn a variety of dance styles each week or do your own thing at our monthly social.

Friendly competition (from £3)

These clubs, including kurling and ping pong, are great fun and open to all! Join us for some friendly competition – although winning isn’t everything, having fun is!

Kurling is based on the Olympic sport of ice curling. This is a fun and popular indoor version played on a smooth surface with stones which run on ball bearings. It offers a chance to get fit, healthy and make new friends!

Cooking and eating (from £3.50)

Enjoy an interactive cooking demonstration or relax at a lunch club. These clubs offer a chance to meet other people, enjoy some tasty treats and learn new culinary ideas.

Instructor-led (from £4)

These clubs offer a range of exercise classes, including tai chi, yoga and laugh & limber. Improve your mobility and have lots of fun!

See an example of what we do, below.

Social gold (from £4)

Social gold clubs offer a programme of external speakers and great entertainment, with opportunities for outings and events.

Events (open to members only)

One off events such as outings, cream teas, lunches and inter-club competitions.