Brendoncare Club Types

  • Social Club
  • Exercise and Kurling Club

Every Brendoncare club has its own unique personality, which has developed because of the choices of its members and volunteers. Our club models include luncheon clubs, activity clubs, clubs in pubs or garden centres and weekend clubs. Weekly subscriptions vary from £1 to £4, depending on the style of club. The clubs’ Access Fund ensures that our clubs are accessible to all those who need us, providing support for those who struggle to reach us physically, socially or financially.

Drop-in clubs

Pop in for a warm welcome and lots of friendly faces. £1

Arts and crafts clubs

Explore your creative side and join us for a range of craft activities. £2.50

Exercise clubs

These clubs offer tailored movement and exercise in a fun and relaxed environment. £4
See an example of what we do, below.

Kurling clubs

Kurling is an indoor version of the exciting game of ice curling. This is an addictive game with a competitive edge, adapted for all abilities to join in. £2.50

Lunch clubs

Come and enjoy a lovely lunch in great company. £4 plus the cost of the lunch

Pub clubs

Meeting in local pubs, these clubs provide a relaxed environment to meet new friends. £1

Singing clubs

If you enjoy singing, these clubs are the ones for you! Everyone is welcome – no previous experience necessary – just enthusiasm! £2.50

Social clubs

Our social clubs feature various activities and games, with the higher priced clubs also offering entertainers, quizzes, guest speakers and occasional club outings. £2.50 / £4