Community Support Service

Brendoncare’s Community Support Service continues to provide important face-to-face contact between members and our volunteers. Together, we aim to tackle social isolation by extending our reach to those who can’t attend clubs, particularly the clinically vulnerable.

What are the aims of the Community Support Service?

Brendoncare’s Community Support Service aims to offer:

A telephone contact service. Our personalised, one-to-one support focuses on helping people help themselves, like supported signposting to take that first step to access services in their community.
Virtual Clubs. A varied virtual activity programme includes two current virtual choirs, eight multi-activity clubs and service-wide events. We want to offer opportunities that attract new members regardless of geography. Things like health and well-being clubs, dementia-friendly concerts, quizzes for people who like friendly competition (particularly men and fans of sports and music).
Digital Coaching. One-to-one digital support or loaned tablets as part of a three to four-week ‘New to Zoom’ programme in small friendly groups to support the transition between 1-to-1 digital coaching and virtual clubs.

Who will benefit from the Community Support Service?

We anticipate the new Community Support Service benefitting an estimated 150 older people in year one, to increase by 50 per year, to reach a target of 250 in year three. Our focus will be to support older people facing one or multiple challenges such as health issues, extreme frailty, bereavement, and lack of family or social connections, making them more vulnerable and less resilient in times of crisis.

We already know how much of an impact our services have had on the lives of many of our members. In particular, our community services at our Otterbourne Hill ‘shared care’ home, which has seen a virtual extension of its services through Zoom video calls.

What are the fundraising goals for the Community Support Service?

The total cost of developing Brendoncare’s Community Support Service is an estimated £100,000 per year over three years. We have secured £25,000 worth of funding per year from a Trust and are fundraising for the remaining £75,000 per year.

Your donation can help older people in our communities access our Community Support Service right away, no matter how big or small. Thank you.

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from our Community Support Service, click the button below to find out more.