Brendoncare Pet Pageant

The Brendoncare Pet Pageant is an animal-focused social media event created to help us raise funds for the purchase of robotic therapy pets for residents living with dementia.

We know that many of our residents are used to being around animals, in particular cats and dogs, and that robotic pets can stimulate a happy memories and positive emotions – just like a real pet would.

Evidence suggests that robotic animals can enhance quality of life for anyone who may be socially isolated, calming their anxiety, giving them something to ‘hold and nurture’ whilst providing the companionship that a resident may not have felt for some time. 

We have already purchased a few of these robotic therapy pets and found that residents become attached, they stroke, talk and kiss, the animals will purr, meow, move heads and sigh. The animals can be used to enhance interactions with others, including residents, loved ones and staff. It helps to stimulate conversation, adding a point of focus and discussion.

Learn more about the Joy for All lifelike robotic pets.

How the pet pageant works

We want to raise awareness of the benefits of therapy pets, and encourage everyone to make a donation so that we can purchase as many as possible for Brendoncare homes.

Every morning at 9am, from February 15-19th, we’ll announce the daily category on our Facebook and invite you to share a photo of your pet in the comments.

To help get you thinking and to feel inspired, these will be:

Monday – Cosiest Pet

Tuesday – Most Heartwarming

Wednesday – Funniest Pet

Thursday – Dynamic Duo

Friday – Veterans

You’ll have until the following morning to comment with your photos. The overall winners will be announced here on the website and on our Facebook page the following week.

The contest is free to enter, but we would be most grateful for voluntary donations. All donations received through this page will help purchase life-like robotic therapy pets for residents with dementia.

Pet Pagent FAQ

  • How do I enter the Brendoncare Pet Pageant?

    Post a photo of your pet and their name in the comments section of one of the daily category posts on our Facebook page. Entries for each category will be accepted until 9am the following day.

    We would be most grateful for voluntary donations along with entries to purchase robotic therapy pets for residents.

  • Who will be judging the Brendoncare Pet Pageant?

    A special guest Brendoncare resident will judge each category at the end of the week. Please don't delete your photo before the judging has been completed, otherwise our judge may miss your entry.

  • What are the prizes for the Brendoncare Pet Pageant?

    Winners will receive treats and toys suitable for their pet, a certificate, a rosette, and bragging rights! 

  • I don't have access Facebook. Can I still enter?

    Yes. You can email a valid photo of your pet and their name to Your photo must be received before 9am the following day in order to qualify for entry.

  • Can my children or grandchildren enter?

    Entrants must be aged 18 or over. Prizes will be sent to the entrant and are not transferable to anyone else. Whilst you can enter on behalf of a younger family member, we politely ask that anyone under the age of 18 does not feature in your photo submission.

  • I don't have a pet. How else can I support this?

    If you would like to support our fundraising cause, we welcome donations. As part of this activity, the suggested amount is £5 but you may donate more or less as you wish.

    To make a donation to help fund the purchase of robotic therapy pets, click here.

  • I can't afford to make a donation. Can I still enter?

    Yes. If you have Facebook, please feel free to share details of our Pet Pageant competition with your friends. If you don't have Facebook, you can of course let your friends know by email, as they may like to enter too. Hopefully you both enjoy healthy competition!

  • As a registered charity, The Brendoncare Foundation relies on fundraising to provide life-enhancing equipment, outings, and activities to older people in our communities. To learn more and to discover the other ways you can support our efforts, click here. View our Fundraiser Supporter Promise.

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