Re-opening of Brendoncare Community Clubs

As lockdown eases, we are aiming to re-open Brendoncare Clubs community service in 2021. By gradually introducing and expanding outside face-to-face activities and events, we can welcome members back to our community clubs across Dorset and Hampshire.

We plan to run some socially distanced walks with up to six people from the end of March, following the government roadmap which may be subject to change. Activities include new health and well-being opportunities, a varied programme of gentle exercise and live cook-along sessions, along with our current schedule of games, quizzes, special interest talks and kurling. To achieve this, Brendoncare is proactively working with venues to create Covid-safe spaces. 

What are the benefits of Brendoncare Clubs?

From listening to our members, we understand how valuable being in other people’s company can be. Having a reason to go out and enjoy the camaraderie of other members and volunteers cannot be underestimated. 

By re-opening our doors and bringing people together again, our face-to-face services will help:

  • Alleviate loneliness and anxiety. Having the opportunity to meet others face-to-face in a relaxed, friendly environment will strengthen existing and develop new friendships and support networks with other members and volunteers. 
  • Improve mental health and well-being. Enjoying activities in others’ real-life company will boost the spirits, inspire positivity, and give members new hope as we emerge from the pandemic. Seeing members’ face-to-face will also help volunteers notice subtle changes in their physical and mental health and respond quickly.
  • Improve physical health. Actively taking part in physical exercise encouraged by others’ camaraderie in a group will motivate members to persevere and regularly attend their exercise group, which is vital for improving and maintaining fitness and mobility. One-to-one support in instructors and volunteers’ presence will ensure that members get the maximum benefit from exercise.

We are fundraising for £190,000. We hope that the majority of our community clubs will be back up and running by Autumn 2021. Please help bring people #togetheragain.