Golf Day

Date: 14th June 2019
Brendoncare Charity Golf Day

Event information

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Teams of four are invited to join us at Sandford Springs Golf Course, Kingsclere, on Friday 14th June for a hot breakfast, 18 holes, a carvery lunch and the popular ‘ball in the boat’ challenge!  The event, generously sponsored by Barclays and Taylor Made Computer Solutions, brings together a variety of local businesses for friendly competition, relaxed networking and the chance to promote positive ageing in your community.

Date: Friday 14th June
Venue: Sandford Springs, Kingsclere, Hampshire, RG26 5RT
Cost: £250 per team
Includes: Breakfast, 18 holes, carvery lunch, games, raffle and prizes

This is a great chance to bring colleagues or clients, meet new people, or consider sponsoring a hole to get your brand in front of new business. Simply download and complete the Booking Form to the right of this page, or get in touch with us today. Spaces are expected to fill up fast!

Contact Lucy Tennant for more information on 01962 857087 /


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Contact information

Lucy Tennant
Phone: 01962 852133
Email: Click here