The Big Give 2017

The Big Give 2017

What is the 2017 Big Give appeal?

Between the 28th November and 5th of December 2017, as part of the national Big Give charities appeal, we are aiming to raise £12,500 to help us bring the benefits of friendship and wellbeing from being part of a club to more older people across Hampshire and Dorset.

Every pound given during the appeal will be matched by money already promised to us by pledgers, doubling any donation you make. This means that in total we can raise £25,000. Your money will therefore have twice the impact and make even more of a difference at no extra cost to you.

So, if you give £10, we will receive £20. Plus if you are able to claim Gift Aid for your donation, then your money will go even further still!

When and how can I donate?

All donations must be made online via the Big Give website between noon on 28th November and noon on 5th December. Please click here to make a donation. Whilst we are extremely grateful for any donations made outside of this period, these will not count towards our £25,000 target and will not be matched pound for pound.

What can I do in the meantime?

If you would like to make a donation as part of the Big Give appeal, please make a note in your diary or your calendar to donate between noon on 28th November and noon on 5th December.

Please also tell your colleagues, family, friends, neighbours – or anyone you know! – about the Big Give and how they can make a donation. Thank you.

If you would like to organise an event or have a great fundraising idea to help us reach our target, please get in touch with us. We will also be delighted to answer any questions you have about the Big Give.

You can call the Fundraising Team on 01962 852133 or email us. We would love to hear from you.

What it will fund?

We want to reach more people, particularly those in poor health, men and carers by raising £25,000 from the Big Give Challenge to fund 3,500 club visits for new members.

We plan to ‘reach out’ to these vulnerable groups; taking ‘pop-up clubs’ out to where they are (GPs, out-patient clinics, church events, carers groups) and offering fun, taster activities such as indoor kurling for all abilities; providing one-to-one ‘buddying’ support for new members during their first few clubs visits; piloting new activities in our current clubs such as boccia for those with disabilities, archery for men and respite programmes for carers.

Mary’s story

“That picture is of me. A year or so ago, I didn’t look like that at all and it’s only through the support of Brendoncare that I am that happy lady today.

“I am confined to a power chair and it took a lot of courage to get me join Brendoncare. A friend recommended I join, but as I’m in a wheelchair with very limited mobility, I thought I would not be made to feel welcome. How wrong I was.

“From the moment I went through the door the hand of friendship went out. I couldn’t do many of the exercises at first, but with the gentle encouragement of the lovely ladies and gentlemen I began to join in. Although I am still in my chair, I have lost over a stone in weight, can move my legs up and down and generally join in. I would be completely lost without the club – and end up getting stiffer and stiffer and putting weight back on. Socially, as I live on my own, it gets me out at least once a week. Please, please help Brendoncare with funding as it’s not just my life they have altered for the better, but many others as well. I would so much miss the exercises, the laughter, the singing and the friendship. I would be lost without them.”

Bob’s story

“I am blind and have a wasting disease and without my Brendoncare club, I would not get out at all. It would be the end of the world if this club closed and I couldn’t meet my friends.”

Joan’s story about her mum

“My 91 year old mother attends a Brendoncare club and this gives her a sense of wellbeing, mental and physical stimulation and a reason to get up, as well as something to look forward to.

“She feels part of a community. She is safe and enjoys herself. This club gives her the makings of a happy, contented person, who, with her deteriorating health, would otherwise be looking at four walls.”

Betty’s story

“As a long-term volunteer, I have seen for myself the difference club membership can make to the lives and wellbeing of older people – the support they receive, the new friendships formed, the means to get out and enjoy themselves, resulting in noticeable improvements in their health and wellbeing.

“Being involved also keeps me fit and active.”