How is care provided during coronavirus?

For us, the delivery of care is very similar to before the pandemic. Our staff always practise excellent hygiene and infection control. The significant change is the increase in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) across our homes at all times now. This is used followed Public Health England guidance at all times and […]

Am I able to visit my loved one in the home?

Safe visiting has now resumed at Brendoncare homes. Brendoncare continues to facilitate video calls and phone calls, and post of any kind is always well received. Outside of the pandemic, in normal times, visiting our homes is unlimited and always welcome, and we very much look forward to the time when we are able to […]

Can I visit the care home to see if I’d like to choose it for my loved one?

Unfortunately, at this time we are only allowing essential visiting in the home to ensure the safety of those who live with us. Our care home managers will be pleased to meet you on a telephone or video call to tell you more about their home. Our website contains extensive information about every home, and […]

Is testing for coronavirus carried out before admission?

For admissions from home, a coronavirus test will be provided to the new residents before admission, or soon after move-in. We are conducting monthly coronavirus tests for all residents currently, as well as weekly testing for all staff. For admissions from the hospital, we will ask for the result of the most recent coronavirus test. […]

What is life like in a Brendoncare home during coronavirus?

While social distancing measures are in place, we are still enjoying friendship, companionship, joy and laughter. Life is much the same as normal (now that we are all used to seeing staff in PPE!). Residents have peace of mind, knowing that there is always someone nearby to enjoy spending time with. We regularly keep in […]

What happens when a new resident moves in to a Brendoncare home?

All new residents moving into one of our care homes will be carefully shielded for 14 days following admission, in line with government guidance. This ensures the safety of your loved one, and our existing residents and staff. We will review this as that guidance is updated, and when we feel it is in the […]

Are you accepting new care home admissions?

Yes, all of our homes are open and we look forward to welcoming new residents. If you have a loved one who could benefit from the professional care and support we provide, please contact your local Brendoncare home or call 0300 303 4866.

Can I bring my loved one a gift?

We understand that you might want to bring your loved one a gift but we politely ask you to refrain from doing so. We ask you to not to bring in gifts such as food parcels, flowers, helium balloons etc. to enable us to reduce the opportunity for the virus to be carried into the […]

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring a face mask with you. This must be worn at all times whilst you are in the home, including when you first enter the building and as you are leaving. Please also bring a mobile phone with you. This may be useful if you need to communicate with a member of staff during […]

What if I am feeling unwell?

If you are feeling unwell in any way, please do not visit. Please call the home to cancel your visit. You can reschedule when you are feeling well again and free of any symptoms. Visitors must always be free of any Covid-19 symptoms. The main symptoms include a temperature above 37.8 degrees; a new or […]

What will happen when I arrive at the care home?

You will still receive your usual warm welcome, just with a few extra steps! Please report to reception via the main entrance on your arrival – the doors will be closed, so please use the buzzer/intercom and a member of staff will come out to greet you. You will be asked a series of health […]

Where will the visit take place?

Each home has an internal space where safe visits can take place – some visits are also now taking place in residents rooms. Please book in advance in the normal way and staff will be available to advise on testing and infection control measures.

How do I arrange a visit to my loved one?

All visits must be pre-booked with the reception of the relevant home. This is essential to helping us keep everyone safe and ensure visits run smoothly and safely. Visits are booked in 30 minutes slots, though it may be more or less depending on the individual circumstances. Please only attend the home if you have […]