Club of the Month – Meet our fabulous Ferndown Kurling Club

Written by: admin-brendoncare Published: May 12, 2023

Brendoncare’s network of community clubs continues to grow. Currently, we have more than 70 clubs throughout Hampshire and Dorset, enjoyed by more than 700 members and volunteers whose membership gives them unlimited access to all of them.

Ladies kurling

We love going out to meet the teams who run the clubs and the members who come along for fun and friendship.

One of our most recent success stories is Ferndown Kurling Club.   Although it only opened last November, it welcomes more than 20 members every week, the oldest being 94.

We went along to see what makes the club tick. More than 30 members were at the town’s Barrington Centre to enjoy their morning game of kurling followed by a sandwich, tea and cake.

Kurling is a fantastic game in which everyone can participate. The first thing apparent at Ferndown is how competitive the members are. They are also all very sporting, giving rounds of applause when a lucky member hits the “bullseye”!

Members love the sociability of the club. In the case of Brian, it offered him a lifeline after the death of his wife last April.

For six months afterwards, I did nothing and I did not talk to anybody. But my daughter wanted me to get out of the house. She had heard of the Brendoncare clubs and that’s what started me off.

“I joined in November and it’s been very good meeting all these new people with smiling faces . As a result, I have made lots of new friends. When I first came in November, I found I could not talk. It was unbelievable I could be like that! Now I am starting to talk too much!

“I’ve got a whole new lease of life with the club. I think it is marvellous what they do for the whole of the week for the money we pay in membership. The service is unbelievable. Now, I’ve got too much on!”

Anne comes along to the club meetings with her friend Marion. Their weekly programme also includes Ferndown’s monthly Monday Movie Matinee Club, Winton Friendship Club, Wimborne Kurling Club and Ferndown Seated Exercise Club.

Anne says: “We have a lovely time and we enjoy each other’s company. It’s nice to be with other people doing such lovely things.

“When you are widowed, you need somebody else to talk to apart from yourself. The clubs really do give you something to get up for and the people who run it are so helpful and kind. If a new lady joins here, we always try to make her feel welcome.”

Leading the kurling are club support, Sandra Turner with volunteers, father, daughter and grand-daughter, Roy, Sarah and Amy.

Sandra says: “They really are a lively crowd, who have created such a warm and fun atmosphere since the club started.

“We always love to welcome new members and would also like to hear from anyone who would like to give up a few hours each week to be one of our volunteers.”

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