Memberships At Brendoncare

What is Brendoncare membership?

Brendoncare membership is the best way to access new and existing services, from community and online clubs to telephone support and help getting online. It also includes discounts on selected Brendoncare services and information sessions on a range of important topics.

Starting your Brendoncare membership couldn’t be more simple and we’re very excited to welcome you along! To join, just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to send a membership pack out to you in the post.

Membership costs £12 a month (the equivalent of £3 a week) and is paid monthly by Direct Debit. Paying this way is quick and hassle-free. It saves valuable time and money, and most importantly right now, it also helps us all to stay safe in the fight against Covid-19. We understand that affordability might be a concern. If you’re struggling to pay for your membership, please get in touch and we’ll discuss the options available that will secure hassle-free use of our services.

Your Brendoncare membership includes some exciting new benefits. Some of them you can start using straight away, with plenty of other activities, discounts and events planned for later this year and beyond. Take a look and see what’s waiting for you!

To help answer your questions about Brendoncare membership, we’ve put together a list of our frequently asked questions. For further assistance, and to request a membership pack in the post, you can call us on 01962 857 099, email us at or fill out this form:

Request a membership pack

Brendoncare Membership FAQs

  • Has anything changed about my Brendoncare membership?

    Our phone and video service proved invaluable for many during the pandemic, which is why we are combining the clubs you knew with the online and telephone support we have been offering since March 2020.

    Whether you want to attend our clubs in-person, or need to join in online, Brendoncare members now get the best of both worlds, with continued access to existing clubs, plus a range of exciting new benefits, including:

    • Access to the continuing online clubs
    • Telephone support
    • Discounts on Brendoncare care home services
    • Invites to events and free information sessions (coming soon)
  • I have been accessing the telephone support and virtual clubs for free. Why is this changing?

    Since March 2020, our fundraising team has worked hard to access funding to allow our services to continue. We are now working to ensure our services are funded into the future, and have created a model that is easier and more accessible for everyone. 

  • How much is Brendoncare membership?

    Membership costs £12 a month and includes access to all our listed services. This amount is based on what it costs to keep our services running as well as consulting with some of our volunteers and members from the clubs who gave feedback on the proposal and costs.

    Membership fees will be paid monthly by Direct Debit. Most of our club members paid more (on average around £14 each per month) before COVID-19 and we hope you’ll agree that this amount offers excellent value for money. 

  • What if I can’t afford membership?

    If affordability is a concern for you, please get in touch. We are able to offer support to people  on low incomes through our newly extended Access Fund. This is a specific type of funding and as such is not subsidised by other members.

    If you or someone you know is struggling to pay for Brendoncare membership, please contact 01962 857 099 or email

  • How do I pay for my Brendoncare membership?

    Membership payments will be made by monthly Direct Debit, to help keep all our members and volunteers safe. A Direct Debit is a formal instruction from your bank that authorises an automated payment from your account to your chosen organisation. If you like, our team can help you set this up. Visit their website to learn more.

  • Why do I need to pay by Direct Debit?

    With COVID-19 being more transmissible on smooth surfaces, we have been advised to reduce contact wherever possible with coins and paper money. Switching to cashless payments also helps us to be more efficient, saving money, volunteer and staff time, meaning we have more time to focus on running services.

  • Can I add Gift Aid to my monthly Direct Debit?

    Unfortunately, you can’t add gift aid to your monthly membership fee. However, you will see on the membership form that there is an option to ‘top-up’ your monthly direct debit with a donation amount of your choice. This donation amount is eligible for gift aid. This donation will occur every month unless you notify us that you would like to it to stop. Every donation really helps, and your support is gratefully received.

  • What does my monthly membership fee cover?

    Your membership fee includes unlimited access to Brendoncare’s membership offering. The fees collected will help to cover the costs of running our clubs and community services such as venue hire, refreshments and activity costs.

    We can only afford to provide these services with the support of individuals joining as members to cover these costs.

  • Is there any limit to the number of Brendoncare clubs I can attend?

    No. Your membership enables you to visit as many clubs as you would like to, all for one fixed price. The only limit will be the capacity of the club, so booking to attend a session will be necessary. As we re-open, in order to keep everyone safe with government guidelines around social distancing, clubs may be smaller than you are used to.

  • How else does Brendoncare fund clubs and community services?

    We maintain all our charitable services in the community through a combination of membership fees, fundraising and financial support from the Brendoncare Foundation. These costs include regular staff support, special activities, equipment, training for volunteers and phone calls.

  • What if I cannot attend?

    If you cannot come to a community club, due to illness or a change in circumstances you can continue to be a member and we can stay in touch with you via our other community support services, including regular telephone support or online clubs.

  • What if I no longer want to be a member?

    You can notify us that you would like to cancel your Direct Debit at any time. We will regularly check for members who have stopped using their membership to ensure you are not paying unnecessarily. On notification of cancellation, we will begin the process of cancelling the direct debit which requires a small notice period. Cancelling your membership may mean you will lose access to our clubs and community support services although you can re-join in the future. 

  • My partner is also a member, do we both have to pay?

    Yes. Brendoncare membership is offered on an individual basis.

  • I am a carer; do I have to pay?

    No. So long as the person you are caring for is using the service, your attendance in support of them is free just indicate who you are supporting on the membership form. If you'd like to participate in our sessions separately, we will happily welcome you as a member too. 

  • Can I get Brendoncare membership for free?

    Complimentary membership is available to regular volunteers, and new and existing residents in Brendoncare homes. Relatives of new residents receive their first twelve months' membership free of charge.

  • Will I receive a Brendoncare membership card?

    Yes. Every member will receive a Brendoncare membership card. It features useful contact information, a list of core membership services and details of how to access them. Members will receive their card and be eligible for all our services once we have received their membership form and Direct Debit instruction.

  • When will you re-open my Brendoncare club?

    Some clubs will begin to open from the end of June, with more re-openings planned within the summer months. Where there are multiple clubs in one area, we may not open them all at the same time.

    Following this information, about membership, we will write to you soon to confirm the opening dates of clubs local to you. The online clubs and telephone support service will continue to run as usual. 

  • Are all Brendoncare clubs re-opening?

    Venue limitations (for example small halls) or difficulties with running particular activities safely mean that some clubs won't re-open straight away. We may have to combine clubs where membership is low or look at an alternative club model to provide better value for money. In areas where we have a limited number of clubs, we hope to offer an increased number of services.

    Either way, you will still be able to access all the other benefits of the membership including regular contact and support, discounts, invitations to events and access to any other Brendoncare clubs you'd like to attend.

  • Can I still be a member of my Brendoncare club?

    Yes. We expect that all clubs will still have regular members – but for the same price, you will now be welcomed at any one of our clubs across Hampshire and Dorset.

  • Do new members still get a free first session?

    Yes. We really want new members to find the Brendoncare club that feels right for them, so if you haven’t been along before, please come along to one of our sessions when you can. Feel free to encourage your friends to join too, as the more members we have, the better and more sustainable our clubs can become. We want our clubs to be enjoyable for you and your community for many years to come.

  • Do you provide transport to clubs?

    Brendoncare is not able to provide transport to clubs as standard. If we have been successful in recruiting volunteer drivers in your area, we may be able to help with transport to your club for no additional cost. 

  • Where can I find out more?

    For further information, please email or call 01962 857099.