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Brendoncare Clubs Contact and Support Service for Members

Brendoncare Clubs is a charity that brings joy and friendship to 1,700 older people in Hampshire and Dorset, thus preventing loneliness and isolation. With the temporary suspension of the 94 clubs, and many members living alone, the contact and support service will help to maintain the positive connections and friendships they usually enjoy through their regular clubs.

Brendoncare is entirely committed to helping older people at this time and is offering regular contact through telephone and written communications to all 1,700 members and volunteers. A team of 100 Brendoncare staff and volunteers are providing this vital communication. The support is focusing on helping to alleviate the extreme loneliness that some older people face, regularly checking they have enough medicine and essential supplies, and putting them in touch with external resources and community partners, if needed.

Following a recent telephone call, a club member commented, “Thank you for calling us the other day to see if we needed anything – we are 100% OK luckily, but you calling was a great boost knowing there was someone there if needed. We are so pleased we joined the Kurling club.”

Sam Agnew, Head of Brendoncare Clubs, said, “We have had such a positive response to the telephone calls, it is making a huge difference to our members’ lives. I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff and volunteers who are helping to brighten up our members’ days.”

Future plans for Brendoncare Clubs include setting up virtual clubs, to maintain regular routines for members, as well as keeping them connected. There are also plans for a virtual choir, and videos of Brendoncare’s ever popular cooking for one sessions. Internet sim cards and tablets will be provided for those members who do not have access to the technology to ensure they can join in too.

The cost to provide the regular telephone contact service for 1,700 people every month is £27,750, which equates to £3.77 per person each week. An emergency appeal has been launched to raise funds to ensure support can be continued whilst the clubs remain closed.

 To learn more about Brendoncare Clubs please call 01962 857099,

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