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Brendoncare kurling competition

Excitement is starting to build for the next kurling competition which will be held in Lyndhurst on 30th September.

The competition will be held as follows:
Venue: Lyndhurst Community Centre
Date: Saturday 30th September 2017
Time: 1230 until 1630
The competition will run as follows:
12:00: Volunteer helpers arrive
12:30: Players arrive for registration – coffee/tea and biscuits on arrival. (Please try not to arrive before this time as we will be setting up).
13:00: Welcome
13:10: Stage 1 – heats
15:00: Break – coffee/tea and cakes
15:30: Quarter-finals
16:00: Semi-finals
16:15: Final
16:30: Awards & close
Rules of play
The lanes will run across the width of the hall. Approximate distance from start line to target is 20 feet.
We will be using the yellow target mats (numbered 1 – 5 with 10 for the bullseye).
Pushing sticks must be used by everyone.
At the start of each game we will toss a coin to decide which team will go first.
Players must stand on or beside (but not in front of) the mats designated as the “start line”.
Each game will be played with a full set of 8 stones (4 red, 4 blue). Each member of the team will play their 4 stones against their opposite number and their scores will be recorded. Once all 4 members of the team have played, the scores will be totalled up to give the team score.
If a stone is lying across two numbers on the target then the highest number will be recorded on the score sheet.
The referee’s decision is final!
Volunteer helpers required
As always, we cannot run these events without your help so we will need volunteers to help on the day with scoring, lane management and catering.
Supporters welcome
Each team will be able to bring along 4 supporters to the competition (we have to limit numbers owing to space restrictions.)
For more information, or to register a team, please contact Maria Wallser or Cindy Walker on 01962 852133.