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Brendoncare receives a Christmas surprise – Alastair Stewart joins as Ambassador

Alastair Stewart OBE, 67, is a journalist and newscaster, presenting for ITV News. He has worked on local and national news for 42 years and is the longest serving male newsreader on British television. He lives in Bramdean, Hampshire and in an active supporter of a number of charities.

At the launch, Alastair had this to say, “I am delighted to be joining Brendoncare as an ambassador, supporting the fantastic work of the charity. Thank you so much for all of you for showing Brendoncare such great support and playing a part in improving the lives of older people.

“This is an exciting time for Brendoncare with the launch of their new charity programmes, setting out a new vision to have a bigger impact on the lives of older people. The community programme will help end loneliness and isolation; the care for life programme will help older people access the care and support they need if they cannot afford it, and the dementia programme to help improve the lives of individuals and families after diagnosis of dementia.

“My own father died in care when dementia demanded focussed support. One in three of us will develop dementia and there is a great need for all of us to do more to help; it already affects many families.”

Carole Sawyers, Chief Executive of Brendoncare, said, “We are thrilled to have Alastair Stewart on-board. He shares our passion in promoting a positive ageing experience, where every older person feels valued and included in their community and where no one feels alone.”

The Brendoncare ‘Warming Hearts this Winter’ campaign exists to highlight the challenges older people face during the winter season and providing solutions to help overcome these challenges. The campaign ensures that: the Brendoncare clubs will continue to run, maintaining social contact for physical and mental wellbeing; transport will be provided for those who need it; there is a network of people checking on each other and providing an access fund to pay for those on pension credits.

Brendoncare Clubs provide 95 friendship and activity clubs across Hampshire and Dorset. They provide a friendly, fun, relaxed and supportive environment where older people can meet other club members, make friends and develop strong peer support networks.  These networks are crucial when problems more prevalent to older age occur, such as the poor health or the loss of a partner or close friend. There are currently over 1400 members of the clubs and these are supported by a fantastic team of volunteers.

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