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Brendoncare Alton’s Sean Daly accepted onto Inspire Improvement Fellowship

Sean Daly, Brendoncare Alton Deputy Manager
Brendoncare Alton's Sean Daly accepted onto exciting fellowship

Winchester-based charity, The Brendoncare Foundation, is pleased to announce that Sean Daly, one of the Deputy Managers at Brendoncare Alton, was recently accepted onto the Foundation of Nursing Studies (FoNS) Inspire Improvement Fellowship 2021.

‘Inspire Improvement’ is a fully-funded 12 month programme, supported by the Burdett Trust for Nursing. It is made up of three learning blocks (two are virtual), individual coaching, mentorship and support for each fellow and a small bursary.

13 new fellows from diverse health and social care backgrounds were accepted after a comprehensive application process.

Sean Daly, Deputy Manager at Brendoncare Alton

“I’ve really enjoyed working with the other fellows on developing our skills so far, and look forward to sharing with my team what I’ve learnt.

Sean Daly, Deputy Manager at Brendoncare Alton

Sean Daly advanced through a tough selection procedure to join this cohort as the only fellow with ties to social care.

Speaking of the fellowship, Sean said: “I’ve really enjoyed working with the other fellows on developing our skills so far, and look forward to sharing with my team what I’ve learnt.

“I can’t wait to bring more positive cultural changes to Brendoncare Alton and work with my team to continue to improve and, as always, continue to ensure our residents live independent, happy and fulfilling lives.”

About the Inspire Improvement Fellowship

The fellowship aims to enable clinical nurse leaders to develop skills and expertise in facilitating culture change and improvement at the front line of practice. The programme is underpinned by the Creating Caring Cultures model developed by FoNS in 2015.

An evaluation of year 1 of the programme highlighted 7 key outcomes for the fellows and their teams. These include the development of new skills and approaches, initiation of new workplace activities and a sense of becoming individual facilitative leaders in collaboration with their teams.

Jo Odell, Practice Development Facilitator at the Foundation of Nursing Studies, said: “I am delighted to be the lead facilitator for the Inspire improvement Fellowship and it is always great to see the fellows grow and flourish through the connections, learning and support from each other and from FoNS to enable them to create caring cultures in their workplaces.”

Brendoncare Alton are proud

Lynne Hewitt, General Manager at Brendoncare Alton, said: “Sean is a naturally shy person and it took a lot of encouragement from us to make him believe he would be an excellent candidate for this fellowship.

“We are so proud of Sean at Brendoncare Alton and I know he will transfer his new skills to the benefit to the residents and staff team.”

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