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Councillor John Dabell, Deputy Town Mayor, takes part in Dementia Training at Brendoncare Stildon

Winchester based charity, The Brendoncare Foundation, is pleased to announce they have received a £9,720 grant from The National Lottery Community Fund to fund nine Dementia Bus training days for over 300 people across Brendoncare care homes. The Dementia Bus visited Brendoncare Stildon in East Grinstead on Thursday 13 February and Councillor John Dabell, Deputy Town Mayor for East Grinstead, joined in the training.

The training at Brendoncare Stildon was delivered to Brendoncare staff, volunteers, friends in the local community, family of residents at the care home, and Councillor John Dabell.

The Dementia Bus is a pioneering mobile training unit offering the closest medically and scientifically proven experience of what dementia might be like for someone with a healthy brain. The training programme during the day provided an immersive experience of living with dementia, using special props, light and sound effects to replicate the experiences of dementia. It gave an understanding of what someone with dementia might be going through in order to best support and help them to enjoy life as much as possible.

Councillor John Dabell, Deputy Town Mayor of East Grinstead, had this to say, “I found it humbling. When someone is not faced with dementia, you think it is just a simple thing they are going through, like they don’t understand you or they forget things. However, there is a lot more to it, and you need special care, patience and consistency in your approach in order to gain trust.”

Linda H, whose relative lives at Stildon, also attended the training, and said: “It was very well conducted. Extremely enlightening as to how someone living with dementia could be feeling in a vast variety of situations. I’ve gained a good insight as to how better to communicate, assist and comfort someone with dementia.”

People diagnosed with dementia invariably lose the ability to explain what they are going through, how they are feeling and are unable to verbalise their anxieties, worries, pain or confusion as the dementia develops. There are 850,000 people in the UK currently living with dementia who are supported by professionals, family and friends.

Brendoncare Stildon is a care home in Dorset Way, East Grinstead, providing care and support for up to 32 people who have personal care and nursing needs, some of whom are living with dementia or chronic conditions. Its aim is to help older people live independent, happy and fulfilling lives.

More information about Brendoncare Stildon can be found on the charity’s website or by telephoning 01342 305750.To read our other news stories, please click here