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Local older people benefit from generous Waitrose shoppers

Clubs for older people in Havant and Emsworth have started the year with a windfall of nearly £300, thanks to customers in their local Waitrose store.

Waitrose’s ‘Community Matters’ scheme enables local people to support local causes. Shoppers are provided with a token to place in a box of the charity they would most like to support. Since its launch in 2008, the scheme has donated £14 million to local charities.
Brendoncare Clubs is a registered charity with around 90 clubs for older people across Hampshire and Dorset. With over one million older people who are chronically lonely in the UK, clubs such as these are an essential way of helping to defeat loneliness and social isolation. Loneliness has been seen to affect not only our mental health, but can also negatively impact on our physical wellbeing. Brendoncare’s clubs provide fun and friendship for older people, who may not otherwise have anyone to talk to or a reason to leave their home. Edwin Ingleton is Head of Club Services at Brendoncare and explains “In a growing number of cases, older people may not have friends or family around them and a social club is one way to break the cycle of loneliness that can be so debilitating to their wellbeing.”
The kind donation of £285 by the Havant branch of Waitrose will be used to pay for a tea party for several of Brendoncare’s weekday clubs. The charity runs four clubs during the week in Havant and Emsworth, as well as a Saturday club in Havant library. Members enjoy a variety of fun activities including quizzes, games, guest speakers and exercise classes.
More information about Brendoncare’s clubs can be found here or by telephoning 01962 852133.