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New Online Nature Club for Brendoncare Club Members

Brendoncare Club members on Zoom enjoying a session on Spring Wildlife at the new online Nature Club

Hampshire-based charity, Brendoncare Clubs, has launched an online Nature Club for Brendoncare Club members and volunteers in Hampshire and Dorset.

The regular online club is held on the third Thursday of every month.  The club consists of fun, interactive sessions, exploring how nature changes with the seasons and giving tips on what to look and listen out for from our windows and in our gardens. 

It is hosted on Zoom by Susan Simmonds, Engagement Officer at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust.

Susan said: “The natural world has always been a love of mine and I did an environmental science degree myself. I’m an Engagement Officer for the Wildlife Trust, which is perfect for me because I love to be with and talk to people – but I love wildlife as well. My aim is to share my knowledge and enthusiasm to others in hope that they can appreciate, get out there and see new things.

“During the Nature Club sessions I focus on the seasons and tell people what’s currently out and about, so that they can see what’s happening out in the countryside or in their gardens in the natural world. In our first session, we talked about very early spring: what sort of things were starting to happen and what they could see. I hope by following the seasons in this club it helps people to see things they might not ordinarily notice.

“What’s so good about the online club is that it makes nature accessible to everybody. Often there are people who aren’t so able and perhaps can’t walk a three-mile route for example – this club brings nature into their homes so whatever your needs are, you can access it. I keep it quite informal so people can actually chat, ask questions and share things they might have noticed themselves. I think the members really enjoyed it.”

A drawing of an Egret and a Ladybird by Gwen, Brendoncare Club member, which was inspired by an online Nature Club session
A drawing of an Egret and a Ladybird by Gwen, Brendoncare Club member, which was inspired by an online Nature Club session

Brendoncare Club member, Carole, said: I absolutely loved the first Nature Club session with Susan, it was so interesting and informative. The photos she showed were beautiful and covered a variety of subjects, it made me feel like I was actually in the countryside looking at these things for real… I could almost smell the fresh air! A great success in my eyes, can’t wait for the next one!”

And member, Jan, added: “I think the ‘light-bulb’ moment for me was realising that Mother Nature really does have it sorted. It was explained that early woodland flowers bloom first, before the trees grow their leaves, because otherwise the canopy would shade their growing areas. Clever! Nature knows that and works around it. Just one example of intelligence and efficiency in the plant world. Marvellous!”

The next few Nature Club sessions will focus on discovering fascinating insects in a rural garden and learning what can we do to encourage wildlife into our gardens, balconies or community spaces.

Brendoncare Clubs is a well-established and trusted community service, offering a vital lifeline in Hampshire and Dorset, through friendship and wellbeing community clubs, online and telephone support and online clubs too.

There is always a friendly, fun, relaxed and supportive environment where older people can meet other club members, make friends and develop strong peer support networks.

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