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Plucky pensioners to take on the Spinnaker Tower

Six ladies, all over the age of 64, are taking on the Spinnaker Tower, abseiling from a dizzying height of 100m to raise money for a charity close to their hearts.

Ranging from 64 to 83 years of age, each of the ladies attends a Brendoncare club – either as a member or a volunteer. Brendoncare is a local charity which runs over 90 clubs across Hampshire and Dorset, providing fun and friendship for older people. Some clubs offer games and quizzes, others are exercise or indoor kurling clubs and there are even a couple of singing groups and clubs which meet in pubs. While each club is different, they all offer a warm welcome, the opportunity to spend time with others and make new friends.
In the UK, over one million older people are chronically lonely and loneliness has been seen to impact on people’s mental and physical health. Brendoncare’s clubs provide a crucial way to break this cycle of loneliness. As well as clubs, Brendoncare also runs 10 care homes across the south and its ‘Care for Life’ promise means that the charity supports residents to stay in their Brendoncare home if their financial situation changes and they can no longer afford the fees.
On 25 June, the six ladies will form part of a 20-strong group of brave people completing the abseil to raise much needed funds for Brendoncare. Kathleen Haddock is 77 and is a member of the charity’s indoor kurling club in Wimborne. She explained “Since my husband died in 2013 the Brendoncare kurling club has meant a lot to me and I have made many new friends. The abseil is a way for me to give something back in return.”
Anyone wishing to sponsor the plucky pensioners can do so by getting in touch with Brendoncare by emailing or calling Natasha Haji on 01962 852133.