Sale of Brendoncare Woodhayes Exeter

The Board of Trustees of Brendoncare is saddened to announce that they are planning the sale of the charity’s Exeter care home, Brendoncare Woodhayes.

The Trustees have carefully considered the geographical coverage of the organisation and have concluded that Brendoncare Woodhayes falls outside of the area where the charity is best placed to focus its support for older people in the future. Its distance from the Central Support Office in Winchester means that the organisation is not able to support the residents and staff in a way they would wish to do so.

The happiness, safety and wellbeing of residents is always of utmost importance to Brendoncare and we are actively seeking to identify another care provider who will continue to operate the home and who is based closer, enabling a more supportive service to all at Woodhayes.

All residents and their families, along with staff and volunteers, have been contacted to inform them of the intention to sell the home. Senior staff from Brendoncare will be regularly available in the home to answer questions in person. Meetings and regular written communications will be provided to keep all those affected up to date.

The staff team at Brendoncare Woodhayes provide a wonderful, caring service for the people living in the home. We are grateful for the kindness and compassion they show to residents and family members everyday. When the care home transfers to a new owner, the staff will transfer too and will continue to be employed at Woodhayes.

All other Brendoncare services fall within an area where Brendoncare can provide strong operational support and are unaffected by this decision. There are no plans to close any other Brendoncare homes and we have an active programme of investment and redevelopment for our other services.

Anyone with concerns for relatives should contact Brendoncare on 01962 852133 (Central Support Office) or Brendoncare Woodhayes on 01392 667290.

All questions and media enquiries should be directed to Brendoncare Central Support Office on 01962 852133To read our other news stories, please click here