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September Switch Off 2019!

September 2019 sees another ‘September Switch Off’ in Brendoncare’s homes and offices, a chance to save energy, save money, save the planet and stay safe.

In September 2018, we held our first ‘September Switch Off’, encouraging everyone in our homes to consider their energy usage and make savings wherever possible.

The initiative came from an original idea by Andy Oliver, who covers Maintenance across the homes. He said: “One of my biggest frustrations when visiting the homes is finding empty rooms with the lights and fans left on. I wanted to come up with something that would not only save the Foundation money but also keep our residents and staff safer.”

It was great to see all the efforts made in every Brendoncare home: staff hanging washing out on the line instead of tumble drying; ensuring lights and TVs were switched off when not in use; closing windows to stop unwanted drafts and prevent heat loss; even walking up and down the stairs instead of using lifts. Our first ‘Switch Off’ was such a success that we will be repeating it again this coming September.

Once again, each home’s energy consumption will be closely monitored during the whole of the month. We’ll be comparing against September 2017’s figures again, to show just how much we’ve learnt since our first Switch Off. Last year’s winning home was Brendoncare Park Road, who just pipped Meadway to make the biggest overall savings; who will win this year?

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