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Warming Hearts this Winter

At this time of year, the need for Brendoncare Clubs is significantly greater and running costs are higher from November – February, costing the charity approximately £100,000 to keep all 90+ clubs operating.

The Warming Hearts this Winter campaign exists to highlight the challenges older people face during the winter season along with providing the solutions that Brendoncare is committed to delivering to overcome them. Previous problems that we have identified within the clubs service during the winter months include;

  • Heating in venues sometimes breaks or is not strong enough, providing an uncomfortable experience, and increased risk of illness
  • Volunteer availability decreases over winter, sometimes because they need to maintain their own health, or due to family commitments and winter holidays
  • Club members do not want to come out to attend the club for fear of extreme cold weather, catching illnesses or because their mental health is in decline. We see a decrease in attendance in the winter months
  • The lower numbers during winter months mean the service is less sustainable as income drops

We pledge to continue our vital services between November to February and offer:

  • Accessible, safe, warm venues for all
  • Continued activity and routine over winter months
  • Transport for those who need it
  • Access fund to pay for those on pension credits
  • A network of people checking on each other
  • Special festive activities and outings

If you or somebody you know could benefit from attending a Brendoncare Club this winter, please contact our team on 01962 857099 to discuss local options and support we can provide.

If you would like to support our campaign, there are many ways to get involved:

  • Knit (or crochet or similar!) a square for “The Big Knit” throughout November
  • Attend the Brendoncare Christmas Concert on 15th December
  • Make a donation through the Big Give campaign, where every penny that you donate is DOUBLED for one week only (from 3rd December to 10th December)

To find out more about our Warming Hearts this Winter campaign, contact a member of the Fundraising team (telephone 01962 852133 or email

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