Otterbourne Hill Community Hub – where no two days are ever the same

Written by: Alison Reijman Published: August 18, 2023

One of Brendoncare’s busiest places is Otterbourne Hill Community Hub, which is providing us with August’s Clubs of the Month.

The Otterbourne Hill Hub runs 12 clubs, including the Likely Lads who meet in Chandlers Ford. They are open to all Brendoncare club members, people in the local area as well as residents, their families and friends.

We want to tell you more about three of its clubs and the diverse activities they provide for its members.

Gardening Friends

Monday afternoons are always busy at the hub. The early afternoon belongs to the Gardening Friends who get together to talk about gardening and undertake tasks such as potting seedlings and cuttings ready for planting. One of the volunteer leaders Martin is a keen plantsman, who opens his garden under the National Gardens Scheme.

The friends also have access to the hub allotment where they grow a range of flowers and vegetables.

Zumba Gold

Mondays then get more energetic with the Zumba Gold club led by the vibrant Sue Russell. Zumba Gold is a low impact version that is ideal for older people who want to stay active.

Zumba Gold open to both men and women. Alan, one of the club members, said: “I wish I had known about Brendoncare a long time ago. I love coming here where I also do tai chi as well as the seated exercise class in Badger Farm, Winchester.”

Memory Lane

The Memory Lane Café is an informal, friendly club for people living with dementia.

Meeting every alternate Thursday morning, club members have a chance to reminisce using the different Memory Boxes. These are full of items from the past used for work, rest and play.

A memory ball also allows everyone to talk about a specific topic such as first pets, favourite season and worst job.

Music is also a big feature of the club. Members talk about some of their favourite singers and artistes, as well as listening and singing along to some of their songs.

The wife of one of the club members said: “What he enjoys most of all about the Memory Lane Café is the companionship and he has made many new friends. He really thrives in their company. He also has a reputation for being a bit of a mischief but he loves that!”

The Memory Lane Café would love to hear from anyone who would like to be a club volunteer leader. It is a great way to make a difference and spend a couple of hours chatting and sharing memories.

Fifth anniversary

Vilma Patrizio, who runs the Otterbourne Hill Hub, says: “Two days are never the same here. We recently celebrated our fifth anniversary. During that time, we have welcomed hundreds of people – members, their carers, and volunteers. We have enjoyed many events and have always done our best to raise awareness in the community. We have done this with the support of our volunteers who are excellent ambassadors of Brendoncare. They will always provide a warm welcome at club.”

“The community hub is a great place to make new friends, share lots of fun activities and we welcome new members to come along.”

For more information about all the clubs available at Otterbourne Hill, please go to:, email us on: or call us on 01962 857099.