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fundraising at froxfield

There are lots of ways you can back Brendoncare and the amazing work we do in our communities. We run regular fundraising events throughout the year (these are virtual for now) and we offer plenty of fun-filled sponsorship opportunities for those looking to get out and get active!

The way we fundraise has been impacted significantly by coronavirus. Before our world changed, we were able to do a lot of good by meeting people face-to-face. Thankfully, our team have risen to the challenge ever since the first lockdown began, and Brendoncare offers a range of new digital fundraising opportunities, which you can see below.

These are seasonal, some are part of short-term campaigns while others are ongoing. If there’s one you feel is right for you, please click the button to learn more. On behalf of all our staff, volunteers, members and residents, thank you for your support.

Current fundraising campaigns

Re-opening of Brendoncare Community Clubs

As lockdown eases, we are aiming to re-open Brendoncare Clubs community service in 2021. By gradually introducing and expanding outside face-to-face activities and events, we can welcome members back to our community clubs across Dorset and Hampshire thanks to your donations.

Community Support Service

Brendoncare’s Community Support Service continues to provide important face-to-face contact between members and our volunteers. Together, we aim to tackle social isolation by extending our reach to those who can’t attend clubs, particularly the clinically vulnerable.

Pennies for Pets

Brendoncare is fundraising for robotic therapy pets for our residents and those living with dementia. These loveable, lifelike creatures offer stimulation and comfort, and we'd like to be able to fun the purchase for enough robotic therapy pets for everyone who would like to spend time with one.

Leaves of Love

A leaf of love from Brendoncare is a beautiful way of celebrating a special occasion, in tribute to your loved one or simply making a lasting impact to older people. You can choose a special message on your dedicated leaf and have it sent straight to your house, or to a close friend or loved one.