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Brendoncare Passionate about positive ageing

The Brendoncare Foundation is passionate about positive ageing and strives for a society where everyone is able to live well in their older age.

Ageing: A national challenge

The UK population is ageing. Quickly. Older people’s need for care and support already outweighs services available. National policy means that many of those who would previously have been funded for care and support are no longer eligible. Less support for individuals puts untold pressure on informal carers, who are often ageing themselves. The prevalence of dementia is increasing rapidly and one in three born this year will develop dementia in their lifetime.

Passionate from the start

Brendoncare was founded in 1984 by Sir Ronald Gibson, a GP who championed the rights of older people. His firm belief was that they were let down by society and he was determined to change that. Those founding principles remain strong in Brendoncare today. As a charity, we are absolutely committed to helping older people have the best possible ageing experience.

Passionate about ageing: 35 years on

Today Brendoncare impacts the lives of 2000 older people across the South of England, in care homes, clubs and local communities. We are proud of our achievements, but there is so much more to do.

In our care homes we see people coming to us much later in life, with greater care needs than ever before. People are living at home for longer, and so every day this affects the lives of those at home in the community. We are seeing far greater need for social and wellbeing opportunities, for both more and less active older people, those caring for others, and those living with dementia.

Brendoncare exists to tackle the serious challenges that prevent positive ageing