Taking a stand against scams with Brendoncare

Written by: Alison Reijman Published: May 15, 2024

When a person lies to you to gain an advantage such as taking your money or learning private information about you, that’s a scam – and it’s happening to people every day.

Carer showing tablet to older person

It happens via email, text, phone and in person, on the street or even on your own doorstep.

It’s perfectly normal to feel worried about scams as it is a big problem. National Trading Standards report that 73% of UK adults (or 40 million people) have been targeted by scams. A total of 35% (or 19 million people) have lost money because of this criminal offence.

Scams can have a huge financial and emotional impact, and these crimes are severely underreported.

Friends Against Scams is an organisation that is fighting back!

Run by National Trading Standards’ Scams Team, Friends Against Scams aims to prevent people from becoming victims. It does this by empowering them to take a stand against scams.

The Brendoncare Foundation is now an Organisation against Scams and is proud to support the Friends Against Scams initiative.

Join Brendoncare Chief Executive Marianne Wanstall and our Scams Champion Yildizhan for a short online session for colleagues, members and volunteers on becoming a Friend against Scams. This is taking place on Thursday 30th May, 15:00-16:00. You will learn how to spot and avoid the latest scams targeting your money, how to report scams and how to spot and support a victim.

With increased knowledge and awareness, we can all make scams part of everyday conversation with family, friends and neighbours, which will enable us to protect ourselves and others.

To sign up for this session, click on this link.