Mark’s story

Mark volunteers as a Trustee, on the Board of the Brendoncare Foundation, ging his time and professional expertise for free.

Mark qualified as an accountant in industry and has also acquired direct and varied experience of IT, commercial law, press and investor relations, consumer marketing, manufacturing and strategic planning.

Mark is married with two children and three grandchildren and is never happier than when messing about with boats! He was a fan shareholder of Portsmouth Football Club and is a past season ticket holder of the Wasps Rugby Club.

“I was approached to join the Board of Trustees for Brendoncare at a time when I was reducing my other professional business commitments. I had recently moved to Hampshire and thought it would be a good idea to use the strategic and financial skills I had as a qualified accountant and as a former director or chairman of a variety of companies.

Trustees are legally responsible for the operation of Brendoncare and my focus here is very much on the business side of what we do whilst other trustees are better equipped to focus on the care we provide. We care for the elderly but we don’t do it in a traditional charity model. Unless we get the business side right, we can’t deliver the charitable purpose. For me, getting old is a very real and very scary prospect so anything I can do to help in my capacity as a trustee, I will.

I have been a trustee for Brendoncare for over seven years and my time commitment for the role probably equates to a bit less than half a day a week. I attend Board meetings every six weeks, I am Chair of the Finance Committee and I sometimes get involved with the recruitment of other trustees. I am Alton’s adopted trustee which I visit less often than I should, but which fills me with pride whenever I go.

I am struck with wonder at the people who do a ‘proper job’ at Brendoncare, whether paid or unpaid. Our volunteers in our homes and clubs are doing a fantastic job and we are so reliant on them, particularly in our vital clubs service.

The only way our clubs service can grow is through volunteers – people using the skills they have to really make a difference. We always need more people – people who are happy to be there helping rather than trying to make a statement. There are so many volunteering opportunities for people out there who want to do something useful. We just need to find those who are interested.”

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