Sarah’s story

Usually a Cooking for One demonstrator, during the current pandemic Sarah has been volunteering in a new telephone support role.

Sarah has spent most of her working life resolving workplace conflict amongst people and organisations. Although excited to take early retirement and have more time for arts and crafts and travelling, she realised just how much fulfilment her job had given her. “When you stop working, you have time to reflect on what you enjoyed about your job. It sounds cliched, but for me, that was about being part of a bigger picture, striving to make people’s lives better.”

When Sarah saw the Cooking for One demonstrator opportunity advertised, she instinctively knew it would be the right volunteering role for her. “I am used to presenting, and I love trying out new recipes, so it’s great to be able to combine the two”.

There is quite a lot to organise for a cooking day, but the club volunteers and head office are always available to help out when needed. And usually, Sarah works with another demonstrator. “We get together a couple of weeks beforehand to choose our recipes and decide on a plan of action. It’s always fun.”

During the ongoing pandemic, our clubs’ service remains virtual, and Sarah has been able to use her skill-set to volunteer as one of our telephone support volunteers. “I was stuck at home wanting to do something useful, and, again, this role is just perfect for me. I am used to phoning people out of the blue, and I can stay safe during this difficult time. People appreciate me calling them.”

If Sarah’s story has inspired you, view the current roles available at Brendoncare and learn how to join our team.