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  • Volunteers Week Stories
  • Volunteers Week Stories

1-7 June 2018 is volunteers week. We have now celebrated over 10 years of formal volunteering in our homes and in 2018, volunteering teams across Brendoncare continue to thrive. Thank you to all our volunteers who bring something special to our organisation and to the lives of the people living in our homes and attending our clubs. Thank you for everything you do.

Carole Sawyers, Chief Executive, Brendoncare

“In our clubs, care homes and in our central office, volunteers contribute their skill and experience helping to enhance the lives of club members and residents. We are deeply grateful for their energy, enthusiasm and commitment.” 
Carole Sawyers, Chief Executive.

Here are a few stories from some of our volunteers:

Wendy – Brendoncare Knightwood

“I’m very aware of the benefit of volunteers in care homes. My father was in a home and I saw first hand what a difference volunteers can make. We can be a listening ear – someone not in uniform that residents feel they can chat to.“

“I enjoy chatting and building relationships with the residents and naturally, some have become friends.”

Wendy is a volunteer at Knightwood Court in Chandler’s Ford where she spends a lot of time with the residents and helps with the refreshments. She trained as a garden designer at Sparsholt and has enjoyed sharing this interest with residents, helping some with the garden areas outside their rooms.

Bill & Beryl – Brendoncare Clubs

“It’s good to fill your time and stay busy. We just like helping others – maybe one day they’ll help us.“

Husband and wife, Bill and Beryl Bates are both in their nineties and have been volunteering for over 50 years with organisations such as the British Red Cross, the Scouts and, more recently, Brendoncare Clubs. They enjoy settling members in and serving the refreshments at the Good Companions Pub club in Southsea every week.

Kate – Central Office

“It's fun volunteering at Brendoncare because they're a friendly, welcoming bunch. It feels good to be part of a team and to do something useful for a good cause.“

Kate runs a language school in Winchester and volunteers at Brendoncare’s central office once a week, helping organise the photo library.

Penny – Brendoncare Clubs

“I’m a very different person since volunteering. I would never have talked to people unless they talked to me first. Now I play an active part – organising and scoring for kurling, buying the biscuits, helping to organise day trips out, organising the birthday list and getting to know new members who might not know anyone. People are so lovely when they get to know you. I don’t just volunteer to be useful, I get so much out of it. I come here because I get as much fun out of it as the members do!“

Penny, a former graphic designer, has volunteered at several clubs, including Cosham Kurling club, Emsworth kurling club, the Good Companions Pub club and more recently, Emsworth Keep Fit 2. Moving to a new area some years ago, she credits volunteering as a big factor in making her comfortable in an area she didn’t know.

Gilly – Knightwood

“Volunteering has really opened my eyes and has definitely changed my opinion of care homes. My Mondays wouldn’t be the same without it. Volunteering at Knightwood is fun! It is a delight to meet older people who still have a sense of humour, who remember what they did and who share memories of their past – you carry on learning from them. You definitely get out as much as you put in. I enjoy working together with others and I don’t want to let people down. Most importantly, I’ve learned to cut cake equally so there are no squabbles!“

Gilly was originally encouraged to volunteer by a friend and has been helping run the weekly coffee morning and afternoon tea at Brendoncare Knightwood for over ten years. Having worked previously in London, she was keen to do something different but wanted to interact with people.