Ann’s Story

Ann Gibb has been volunteering at Brendoncare Froxfield for 30 years. She holds a British Empire Medal for services to volunteering in her local community where she has lived for 38 years. When she is not volunteering, Ann loves spending time with her family, reading with her local reception class, playing scrabble and travelling around the UK discovering new places.

Ann’s Story

I find it hard to express in words why I volunteer. I guess I get a lot of satisfaction from it. I feel so strongly about the care of the elderly, the more people that can help in some way, the more their lives are enhanced. What’s more, the care of the elderly gets such bad press, you don’t often hear about those providers of care with a good profile. Having been a children’s nurse for 22 years, I believe the same principles apply. The elderly are just as vulnerable as young children in that they can’t always express their needs and wants. Volunteers can help make such a difference to their lives.

Why Froxfield? I’ve been involved in fundraising there from the beginning. It is very much our local home, with five residents from my village currently at the home. The reception there is brilliant. There is almost always someone sitting there to welcome you. I like being with the residents and I’m very conscious that I’m in their home. We want residents to participate in activities and events but we don’t want to disrupt their home, their environment. Now that I’m no longer on the Friends’ committee, I come in once a week to check and stock the trolley shop, I organise the rota for residents’ birthday presents and I help organise the various fundraising events we hold throughout the year. I HATE asking people for things but at Brendoncare Froxfield, we have FANTASTIC raffles – the local community is very generous! I enjoy the organised outings but the spontaneity has gone a little now we have health and safety!

I think to be a good volunteer, you need to be flexible, have a good sense of humour, be totally trustworthy (with regards to confidentiality) and you have to enjoy it. What’s the point of doing it if you don’t enjoy it?

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